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The emblem indicates the service industry in the shades of sign of convenience and friendliness. The Redbox logo represents points for the self-acquisition of video products. It is enough to press the button, and the selected cassette will be in the hands of the user.

Redbox: Brand overview

Founder:Gregg Kaplan
Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois, U.S.
Redbox’s main service is video rental through standalone self-service kiosks. In its first year of operation, the company did not specialize in film and video game discs. Its points were located in McDonald’s restaurants and allowed to buy consumer goods. And only in 2004 was the company redesigned to rent DVDs.

Meaning and History

Redbox Logo History

Redbox was originally a McDonald’s project aimed at acquiring new customers. Its creator, Gregg Kaplan, represented the business development team. He also proposed the idea of ​​renting a video and made it possible to return the discs to any kiosk, regardless of its location.

Then the fast-food chain tried to get rid of Redbox and sold this brand Coinstar piece by piece. The last shares were bought in 2009. The new owner popularized DVD and Blu-ray rental and expanded the number of locations to include many pharmacies, shops, and fast food outlets. In 2016, the company became owned by Apollo Global Management.

The only thing that has never changed is the red color of the stalls and the Redbox logo. It reflects the essence of the name and is the most memorable element of the corporate image.

2002 – 2016

Redbox Logo 2002-2016

The first-word mark was a bright red “redbox” lettering, for which the designers used a bold sans serif typeface. All letters were lowercase and had rounded corners. A curved line stretched from “r” to “e,” forming an arch. This logo went out of use in 2016, although it is still found on individual kiosks.

2016 – 2017

Redbox Logo 2016-2017

The redesign was because the Redbox company came into the possession of Apollo Global Management. The lettering and arc remained in place, but the color took on a pronounced dark pink tint, and the letters became thinner and more angular.

2017 – today

Redbox Logo 2017-present

In 2017, there was another logo update, but not all Redbox customers liked it. A wave of criticism was caused by bold type, because of which almost all letter-spacing disappeared. The thick horizontal serifs at the ends of the “r” and “x” have received little public approval. Many consumers didn’t like the purple dot at the end of the word. But all the changes were accepted because the company would not abandon the new identity and confidently moved forward.

Redbox: Interesting Facts

Redbox stands out with its distinctive red kiosks that offer DVD, Blu-ray, and video game rentals across the United States. Originating in the early 2000s, the company transformed the video rental market with its easy-to-use and budget-friendly rental approach.

  1. Beginning and Expansion: In 2002, McDonald’s Corporation initiated Redbox to attract more customers to its eateries, deploying the first kiosks in its restaurants and some grocery outlets.
  2. Advanced Kiosk Design: The kiosks utilize a robotic disk system for customers to select, rent, and return movies and games via a touchscreen, significantly lowering the costs associated with traditional rental venues.
  3. Quick Spread: By 2009, Redbox celebrated its billionth DVD rental, propelled by strategic placement in places with high foot traffic, including supermarkets, convenience stores, and Walmart and Walgreens stores.
  4. Adapting to Streaming: Anticipating the pivot to digital, Redbox introduced its streaming platform, Redbox On Demand, in 2017. This platform offers digital rentals and purchases of movies and TV shows to meet the increasing preference for online viewing.
  5. Impact on Rivals: Redbox’s ascent paralleled the downfall of conventional video rental stores, especially Blockbuster, due to Redbox’s convenient and cost-effective rental options, which led to the shutdown of many physical stores.
  6. Change in Ownership: Coinstar (now Outerwall Inc.) took over a major share of Redbox in 2009. Apollo Global Management, a private equity firm, acquired Outerwall Inc., including Redbox, in 2016.
  7. Dabbling in Video Game Rentals: 2011 Redbox expanded into video game rentals. Nonetheless, in 2019, it stopped video game rentals to concentrate on movies and its streaming services.
  8. Legal Challenges: Redbox faced numerous lawsuits from major film studios trying to block or postpone renting new releases at its kiosks. Redbox often bought discs from retail to bypass these limitations, resulting in court disputes over the rights to rent new films.
  9. Flexible Rental Times: Redbox initially allowed a one-night rental with the possibility of extension, offering consumers an uncomplicated and economical way to access the newest movies and games.
  10. A Tangible Presence in a Virtual World: Even as digital streaming services gain popularity, Redbox kiosks serve as a reminder of the physical media’s charm, providing a direct link to movies and games in a predominantly online environment.

The evolution of Redbox, from self-service kiosks to embracing digital streaming, showcases its commitment to catering to the changing tastes of film and game fans throughout the United States.

Font and Colors

Redbox Emblem

In the past, the most emblematic element of the Redbox logo was the curved arch. She seemed to unite all the letters, showed their commonality, and denoted the inextricable connection of the company with customers. In 2017, the arc was removed, but after the inscription, a purple circle appeared. Due to its location (bottom right), it was used as a point—styling the title for Redbox added originality to the company’s image.

The first logo font was a variant of Target Book. Typographer Tomi Haaparanta designed an original typeface avoiding corners and serifs. Most of the attention was drawn to the lowercase “e” with a diagonal stroke in the middle. The modern wordmark also uses letters with rounded corners; only the “r” and “x” have serifs on the edges. They are as wide as the rest of the lines.

Redbox Symbol

The lettering color matches the name Redbox, although it has a slight pink tint (# E41644). This reddish-pink tone makes the wordmark work well with the purple dot placed at the bottom after the 2017 redesign.

Redbox color codes

Rusty RedHex color:#e41644
RGB:228 22 68
CMYK:0 90 70 11
Pantone:PMS 1788 C