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The Redken logo promises users strong curls that are not prone to falling out. The company’s funds are effective and always give a visible positive result. The emblem hints at the rich experience of the manufacturer, who can be trusted.

Redken: Brand overview

Founder:L’Oréal Group
United States
Redken is an American brand offering hair and scalp care products. It was founded in 1960 by two entrepreneurs, Jheri Redding and Paula Kent. The founders gave the brand their names: Red + Ken. Now part of the L’Oréal Group, he is engaged in revolutionary developments for professional beauty salons. The company has several patented cosmetic technologies.

Meaning and History

Redken Logo History

The brand of salon hair cosmetics has a very discreet design with which it wants to show its superiority. After all, minimalism is now in vogue, and many beauty brands use it. As for Redken, it offers premium-class products with a sophisticated logo consisting of simple lettering. The manufacturer not only discarded everything superfluous but never got attached to it because his previous wordmark was also extremely simplified. Combining a black and white palette and an elegant font inspires subconscious trust among consumers. And all thanks to the fact that buyers do not expect any catch from a brand with a simple and understandable identity: it seems that it is not trying to hide behind a beautiful screen.

What is Redken?

Redken is an American hair care brand formed by Jheri Redding and Paula Kent, whose surnames form the basis of the name (Red+Ken). It was established in 1960 and is now part of the cosmetic giant L’Oréal Group.

Before 2005

Redken Logo Before 2005

The corporate identity of the company consists of a laconic sign, where there are no unnecessary details. The logo contains the name of the brand and a reference to its head office’s location – “5th Avenue”. Also indicated is the settlement in which the street is located – “NYC” (an abbreviated version of New York City). The text is placed on two lines. At the top is the brand name, consisting of wide stripes. The word “Redken” has the letters “R” and “E” tightly connected, and the “K” and “E” touch at the bottom. Below the bottom, there is a second inscription – with thin lines and a large inter-character breakdown.

2021 – today

Redken Logo

After the upgrade, the Redken logo has taken on a new look. Now it looks more professional and legible because the designers have fixed the main problem of the inscription: they removed the visual imbalance by straightening the lines and making them a little thinner so that the brand name is a better read. Short rectangular serifs not only decorate the letters but also create a sense of internal dynamics. The second line still contains the phrase “5TH AVENUE NYC”, only now it is not so conspicuous because the developers have reduced the glyphs. For this part of the wordmark, a typeface with serifs is also used, which was not observed before.

Redken: Interesting Facts

Redken, a professional haircare and color brand, was started in 1960 by actress Paula Kent and her hairdresser Jheri Redding. It quickly became known for its science-based approach to hair products.

  1. Origins and Mission: Redken was one of the first to use science in haircare, focusing on protein and moisture to improve hair health.
  2. Innovations: The brand introduced many firsts, like protein reconditioning and pH-balanced products, setting new standards in hair care.
  3. Gentler Hair Coloring: Redken developed less damaging hair colors because they use acidic pH.
  4. Education Focus: Redken values education for hairstylists, running a learning center in New York City called the Redken Exchange.
  5. Worldwide Reach: Redken products are available in over 50 countries, showing global appeal.
  6. Joining L’Oréal: Acquired by L’Oréal in 1993, Redken got access to more research and development, further improving its products.
  7. Celebrity Partnerships: The brand works with celebrities and fashion experts as ambassadors to stay trendy.
  8. Diverse Products: Redken offers a wide range of hair care and styling products that are regularly updated with the latest science.
  9. Awards: The brand has won many awards, recognizing its commitment to quality and innovation.

Redken combines scientific research, professional knowledge, and a focus on education, making it a top choice in the professional haircare industry. Its dedication to enhancing hair health and styling has won the trust of hairstylists and consumers worldwide.

Font and Colors

Redken Emblem

The emblem uses two types of typefaces: the first is with serifs and wide letters, the second is chopped, consisting of narrow characters. The color of the logo is monochrome: a combination of black and white.

Redken Symbol

Recently, the typography of the Redken logo has changed. Now the inscriptions are decorated with a contrasting typeface with short rectangular serifs. All letters are in uppercase. It is noteworthy that the neighboring “R” and “E,” as well as “K” and “E” in the brand name, are connected at the bottom by horizontal lines. This feature of the wordmark was preserved even after the redesign, which was reflected in the font. As for the color scheme, it, as before, consists of a classic combination of black and white.

Redken color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C