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The stylish Rehau logo embodies sophisticated taste, guided by the company’s employees in creating underfloor heating, window profiles, furniture accessories, and other products. It combines simplicity with diversity, and the colors reflect the business’s core values.

Rehau: Brand overview

Founder:Helmut Wagner
Muri bei Bern, Switzerland
Rehau is a German industrial group operating in the automotive, construction, and furniture industries. In the structure: several subsidiaries, 41 factories, 32 administrative and distribution centers, and more than a hundred sales offices.

Meaning and History

Rehau Symbol

From 1948 to 2000, the entrepreneur Helmut Wagner was at the head of Rehau. He developed a small business in a rented area into a large concern. Since 2000, he has handed over control to his sons, Jobst and Veit, who inherited an empire with offices in 50 countries. The brand’s rapid development is associated with the production of complex in-demand parts and the use of special technologies and know-how.

At the same time, the company logo has always remained constant and has not changed. It consists of a massive Rehau inscription in uppercase letters stretching upwards and a visual icon – a three-dimensional tetrahedron with rounded corners and slightly convex sides in four different colors. It looks like a soft triangle with three semicircular petals in direct projection.

What is Rehau?

An industrial group with offices in 68 countries and headquarters in Erlangen. Its developments are used in the automotive industry, construction, furniture, window production, and heating and water supply systems—an annual turnover of 3.8 billion dollars.

The figure symbolizes the diversified activities of the company. Helmut Wagner was a passionate person. Having started in Germany in 1948 with the production of water hoses, in the 51st, he was already engaged in cars, in the 57th medicine, in the 58th windows, 62nd stairs, and steps, 85th paint materials, 86th warm floors. All activities can be combined into three main areas: cars, home and garden (windows, furniture, underfloor heating, hoses), building, and industrial materials. The fourth side of the tetrahedron is white. It symbolizes readiness for discoveries and directions. It is to her that the logo is turned to the world.

Each side has a bulge, which indicates the desire for leadership and the conquest of peaks in selected directions. The word one is most suitable for the company’s activities: its materials in the first heart operation, the first RAU-SIK silicone seal that flew into space on an Ariane rocket, the first window profile, the magnetic frame of the refrigerator, the first-floor heating system, the Volkswagen Passat bumper, the plastic fender Audi, etc.

The vertices of the tetrahedron are the core technologies and know-how of the group, which have determined the development of the selected areas: extrusion window profile, sleeve slip connection, carbon fiber composite materials for aircraft construction, XLPE pipes. Rounded corners symbolize the conquest of technology for the benefit of humanity, bringing benefits to people.

The soft, almost spherical tetrahedron is located above the level of the Rehau inscription near the letter R. It seems to be spinning in space, turning first one side, then the other. This visual sign demonstrates the constant progress of the group in the chosen directions.

The massive letters of the word Rehau on the company’s logo demonstrate the commitment to monumental, complex, and fundamental technologies. The elongation of the letters upwards indicates leadership positions. Thanks to various activities, the group stands firmly on its feet. The memory and respect of her roots helped her survive the global crises (the name Rehau is given in honor of the city in which the group was founded).

Font and Colors

Rehau Emblem

The following color combination is most often used in the Rehau logo:

  • Raspberry – championship, discoveries, trials.
  • Green – new beginnings, harnessing technology for good, improving people’s lives, safe production with respect for the environment.
  • Dark gray – industry, details, materials.
  • White – honesty, transparent business conduct, readiness for new things, medicine, concern for people’s health (medical developments are transferred to a subsidiary of RAUMEDIC AG).
  • Black – the corporation’s power, high incomes, a firm position.

The combination reflects Rehau’s core values: expanding technology for a safer and more sustainable future.

The typeface is reminiscent of Robson Bold with a slightly modified “A” that emphasizes the synthesis of the company’s technology and know-how.

Rehau color codes

Persian GreenHex color:#37a58c
RGB:55 165 140
CMYK:67 0 15 35
Pantone:PMS 3268 C
RubyHex color:#dd0060
RGB:221 0 96
CMYK:0 100 57 13
Pantone:PMS 1925 C
Davy’s GrayHex color:#505050
RGB:80 80 80
CMYK:0 0 0 69
Pantone:PMS 425 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C