The REMAX logo seems provocatively bright against the background of other emblems in the field of real estate sales. But this allows the American company to remain visible and conduct high-profile promotions. Its graphic symbolizes development and change, something that always accompanies large transactions.

REMAX: Brand overview

Founded:January, 1973
Denver, Colorado, U.S.
REMAX facilitates the sale and purchase of the real estate by acting as an effective intermediary in these matters. She owns more than 6.5 thousand offices and opens not only in the United States but also in Canada, Australia, Germany, and many other countries. Independent divisions were created to manage regional operations. This has been happening for several decades since the founding of RE/MAX in 1973.

Meaning and History

Remax Logo History

The name of the real estate company came up from its founders: Gail Main and Dave Liniger. They proceeded from the concept, which consisted of the maximum encouragement of intermediary agents: specialists received almost the entire amount from the commission. The authors of the innovative business idea decided that the phrase “Real Estate Maximums” best describes their idea. They took the initial letters of the first two words (“R” and “E”) and combined them with the abbreviation of the third word, separating them with a slash.

As a result of such linguistic experiments, the neologism “RE / MAX” was obtained – a name that became famous thanks to its bright logo. This corporate symbol is hard to miss because the real estate chain is putting it up on balloons and spending billions of dollars on advertising. It all started in 1978 when the company took part in the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta by launching a red and blue “RE/MAX” balloon.

A ball as high as a seven-story building immediately attracted attention. Hence, marketers decided to repeat this experience and make it the basis of a new concept under the slogan “Above the Crowd!”. Over time, the agency has a whole fleet of balloons, of which there are now more than a hundred. Emblazoned with the REMAX logo, they take to the skies yearly at charity and sporting events. The logo has evolved, but these were not some radical changes. It always contained the brand name in red and blue colors.

What is REMAX?

REMAX is an American company that sells residential and non-residential real estate. She earns on her brand by working under franchising agreements. As a result of the transfer of intellectual property rights, she managed to create a network of several thousand branches in almost 100 countries worldwide.

1973 – 2017

REMAX Logo 1973

When Gail Main and Dave Liniger created the real estate company, they came up with a name for it and chose a patriotic color scheme of blue, red, and white. These two aspects were combined in the logo, which consisted of the word “RE/MAX.” The letters were red, the diagonal separating them was blue, and the background was white.

The designers took the standard bold grotesque as a basis and changed some of the glyphs to match the author’s idea. Unlike “R,” “E,” and “X,” the letters “M” and “A” looked non-standard. For the M, the second and fourth lines were vertical, while the first and third lines were diagonal; they ran parallel to the slash. For “A,” the left side was vertical, while the right side went down at an acute angle and intersected with “X.”

2017 – today


The REMAX wordmark has remained intact for nearly 45 years. Everything changed in 2017 when the company presented its new identity during the next Re/Max Broker Owner Conference. The Camp + King designers tried to keep the original branding and make minor adjustments to it to adapt the logo to digital marketing. They managed to save the inscription and present it in an unexpected way. Now all letters look standard; only “E” and “M” are missing fragments: in the first case, half of the lower horizontal stroke is missing, and the second part of the top is on the left side. They are cut symmetrically to the slash that separates these glyphs.

Font and Colors

REMAX Emblem

In addition to the word mark, REMAX has an emblem: a tricolor balloon. The modern version of the symbol was introduced in 2017 and designed by Camp + King. The artists depicted the balloon as three-dimensional, using different shades to create a 3D effect. The red top and blue bottom are separated by a wide white strip inside the company logo. In this case, the letters are blue, and the slash is red. The designers did not forget about the basket either: they drew it in the form of a miniature gray trapezoid.

The balloon is the embodiment of an advertising strategy that dates back to 1978. It embodies REMAX slogans such as “Above the Crowd!” and “We’ll take you above the crowd.” That is, it is a symbol of the company’s growth, development, superiority, and global expansion.

The real estate chain uses the Gotham font for its logo, inspired by city signs from the last century. This geometric sans serif was created by typographer Tobias Frere-Jones and his colleague Jesse Ragan in 2000.

REMAX Symbol

The main color of the inscription is red (#DC1C2E). But the slash is bright blue (#003DA5). As for the palette of the emblem, which depicts a balloon, it is more diverse. In addition to white, it includes light and dark shades of blue, red, and gray. But there is no gradient: the artists made a clear separation between fragments of different colors.

REMAX color codes

Cadmium RedHex color:#df1828
RGB:223 24 40
CMYK:0 89 82 13
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C
Royal AzureHex color:#0039a8
RGB:0 57 168
CMYK:100 66 0 34
Pantone:PMS 286 C