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The Revolve logo is word-based. The symbols convey conciseness and a strict style. The emblem demonstrates the company’s clear goals, perfect platform management, and fast service.

Revolve: Brand overview

Founder:Michael Mente and Mike Karanikolas
California, United States

Revolve is an online service for selling clothing, footwear, and consumer goods with free worldwide shipping. Founded in 2003 in the USA, the platform is used by 1.5 million customers. The assortment includes new collections from 1000 brands in categories: new arrivals and luxury goods.

Meaning and History

Revolve Logo History

The company logo has remained constant. It has not changed since its creation. The emblem is designed in line with the modern fashion trends of most clothing brands, focusing on style and simplicity in their logos. This approach makes the store appealing to people with different tastes. It allows room for creating one’s own creative image using desired colors. The identity shows the accessibility and ease of use of the site.

What is Revolve?

An American online store headquartered in Cerritos, ranking 35th in the global ranking of clothing sales services. The platform has around 50,000 products targeted at the younger generation.

2003 – today

The store logo is simple and clear. It consists of the name in black capital letters.

The name was chosen to indicate the constant turnover of products. The word encourages users to visit the platform as often as possible and keep up with new arrivals.

Using uppercase letters in the name signifies that the assortment consists of well-known and popular brands, such as Alexander McQueen, AMUR, Bottega Veneta, and Dolce & Gabbana. It embodies the store’s approach and individual sections.

Wide spaces are present between the letters of the inscription. The distances tell of the special attention paid to each product. On the website, there is the possibility to examine a purchase from all sides. Photos of various angles are placed on the product page in each available color.

The free arrangement of symbols also shows the function of image completeness. For each product, accompanying items are offered to create a harmonious outfit.

The clarity of the written elements speaks to the firm principles of the company, which it requires from all suppliers it collaborates with. These include for example, a prohibition on child labor, timely wages, and healthy working conditions.

The slender symbols convey the proper placement of products on the platform, easy navigation, and organization. The elements subconsciously convey the message of simplicity in using the service, which fully corresponds to reality. All conditions have been created for customers to make quick purchases. The support service provides real-time consultation, and information on the website always matches reality and is translated into all languages and monetary systems worldwide.

The open glyphs at the curved part of the R demonstrate a trend of growth and development. They tell of the scale of the stock and the availability of goods. Items in the sale section are replenished every day. And daily discounts range from 30-70%. The letter R also indicates constant arrivals.

Font and Colors

The logo color is black. The choice demonstrates neutrality to appeal to visitors. It does not distract from the products and helps focus on shopping. The shade contrasts well with the white background of the labels and evokes a sense of style.

The inscription font is similar to Stapel Medium but with a smoother and rounder O.

Revolve color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C