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“Ask what you need, we sure have it!” the Rewe logo promises. The emblem symbolizes communication between sellers and customers. It is enough to place an order to deliver the desired goods to the buyer.

Rewe: Brand overview

Founder:Rewe Group
Cologne, Germany
Rewe is a German supermarket chain owned by the Rewe Group, founded in 1927. The company headquarters is located in Cologne, Germany. As of 2022, the presented brand owns 3,300 stores throughout Germany. If we talk exclusively about the food retailers in this country, then Rewe ranks second after Edeka. In addition to selling goods through the network’s supermarkets, since 2011, Rewe has been delivering goods that operate throughout the country. Thus, the network was one of the first to integrate its activities into the Internet actively. Some products in Rewe supermarkets are sold under their brand. Also, the company is actively engaged in sports investments. For example, in the 2020/21 season, the title sponsor of FC Köln, representing the German Bundesliga, was the Rewe brand.

Meaning and History

Rewe Logo History

For almost 100 years of existence of the grocery store chain, its logo has changed only a few times. Moreover, the fact that the company was created in Germany will almost immediately become clear to a potential Rewe client. This is due to a simple but bright range of colors and brutal and solid forms. Thus, supermarkets operating under the Rewe brand have a sense of discipline and strength.

What is Rewe?

This is a century of development and improvement. Along with the new stage, the previous logo was replaced by a new one, which absorbed the current trends of a certain period, the tasks, and the organization’s goals.

1977 – 2006

Rewe Logo 1977

The original Rewe logo was introduced in 1977. For the brand name, a bold font without additional serifs was used. Red was used as the palette. The wordmark is in capital letters. In addition to the inscription, the creators added two lines. One, red, visually looked like wings. Below it was the second, yellow, visually designed as a straight line. As a result, the red and yellow colors on a white background allowed potential buyers to feel the strength and reliability of the company and the quality it is working on.

2006 – 2015

Rewe Logo 2006

Almost 30 years later, Rewe Group decided to change the logo for the supermarket chain. As a result, it has not only been visually redrawn but also greatly simplified. The brand name itself is made using bold white capital letters. The background was red, which was the main color of the original logo. Each letter in the title had barely perceptible rounded corners. Thus, the authors tried to make the main inscription more friendly to the target audience.

2015 – 2020

Rewe Logo 2015

The previous option did not last even ten years. The company decided to change the visual appearance of the logo radically. For example, for the first time in the existence of the brand, the slogan “Dein Markt” (“Your market”) was added, which was located under the main inscription. She, in turn, has not visually changed compared to the logo of 2006-2015. However, not a standard background was used as a background, but a dialog symbol, made in red. Thus, Rewe Group tried to show that their hypermarket chain is open to dialogue with the target audience.
Identical to the previous version, the name Rewe was made in bold capital letters, with minimal rounding. The slogan, in turn, also consisted of capital letters but without bold type. In addition, the distance between characters in it is much less than that of the brand name.

2020 – today

Rewe Logo

The concept has remained identical to the 2015-2020 variant. The changes were made by the author exclusively to the slogan. Capital now was only the letter “D” in the word “Dein.” The slogan is also in bold type. Otherwise, this variation of the logo completely repeated the previous one.

Font and Colors

Rewe Emblem

The font of the Rewe supermarket chain logo is as close as possible to the Segaon Soft Black font. Its characteristic features are solid sans-serif letters.
The authors used red and white as the color scheme, except for the first version of the logo, where a yellow line was added. The most minimalistic Rewe logo was in 2006-2015 because no additional elements were added to it.

Rewe Symbol

Rewe color codes

LavaHex color:#d2071d
RGB:204 17 20
CMYK:0 92 90 20
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C