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Rimmel Logo
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Rimmel is a very long-standing perfumery and cosmetic company that has existed since 1834. It was founded by Eugène Rimmel in London on Regent Street as a perfume shop and is named after its creator. Now it is a large trademark dealing with a wide range of beauty products. It is owned by Coty, Inc. and is known all over the world as the best manufacturer of mascara, which is invented in the 30s.

Meaning and History

Rimmel Logo History
Evolution of the Rimmel Logo

The brand and logo appeared at the same time. A lot of time has passed since then, but the debut brand name is still used today. This is due to its design – minimalistic but elegant.

The visual identification badge depicts the imperial crown. It is located above the capital letter “R.” Fine lines, and red color give it grandeur, highlighting the premium level of beauty products. The word “Rimmel” itself is distinguished by its strict style and free arrangement of letters. The symbols are even, with contrasting wide and narrow lines. On the bottom, right is the word “London.” It is small and occupies only a third of the logo in length, fitting under the last two letters – “E” and “L.”

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Rimmel Emblem

The lettering is in a sans serif typeface with high contrast strokes. It is a bespoke typeface where wide stripes, in contrast, are combined with narrow lines. The lower word is made in the usual grotesque. The color palette is also diametrically polar: it includes black, white, and red.

Rimmel Symbol

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