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The Ring logo helped the American company become popular, although it first gained fame due to its smart doorbells. The emblem depicted on its products has become associated with high technology used in security systems.

Ring: Brand overview

The ring was founded thanks to Jamie Siminoff, who invented a Wi-Fi doorbell in 2011. He named his invention Doorbot. In 2013, the developer launched a crowdfunding startup and also appeared on the show Shark Tank in hopes of finding new investments. After initial success, the brand was renamed to Ring. In 2018, it was acquired by Amazon for a record sum – over 1 billion dollars. The company made this major purchase to utilize smart doorbell technology to enhance its parcel delivery service.

Meaning and History

Ring Logo History

The company Ring was previously known as Doorbot, as it initially produced only smart doorbells. The main feature of these devices was a built-in video camera, which allowed real-time surveillance. This was reflected in the brand’s logo, where two eyes, disguised as the letters “O,” looked out. Jamie Siminoff renamed his startup when he realized that he would not be limited to just one type of product. Thus, Doorbot transformed into Ring and changed its emblem, now associated with reliable security systems. The current trade name for the brand was proposed by Hamet Watt from Upfront Ventures. It formed the basis of the new wordmark, inspired by the shape of video intercoms.

What is a Ring?

Ring is a manufacturer of security systems that can be connected via the Internet. Its most famous product is video doorbells – doorbells with a built-in camera, speaker, microphone, and motion sensor. These devices were developed by Jamie Siminoff in 2013. In 2015, the Santa Monica-based company released its first wireless surveillance camera, and in 2018 – a security alarm. Early in 2018, Ring was acquired by the e-commerce giant Amazon.

2012 – 2013

Doorbot Logo 2012

In the early 2010s, Jamie Siminoff invented the first prototype of Ring in his garage – a Wi-Fi-connected doorbell. It was named Doorbot, as it was positioned as a smart system capable of talking to visitors and even recognizing their body language. The brand’s logo featured an inscription where the doubled “OO” was stylized as wide-open eyes. This endowed the device with individuality and emphasized its main function – “watching” those who arrive.

By adding huge black pupils and lowered eyebrows, the designers made the eyes’ expression very sad. Apparently, they wanted to evoke associations with the sad robot from the popular animated film WALL-E. The two blue “O”s stood out against the rest of the black letters, which used a bold sans-serif font.

2013 – 2014

Doorbot Logo 2013

In 2013, the company Doorbot was officially registered and received a new logo. The style of the inscription changed: the brand name was converted to lowercase and repainted in light gray. Only the letter “o,” between “b” and “t,” turned pale blue with a violet hue. The designers created a unique geometric font with a round shape for the wordmark. Its distinctive features were shortened strokes in “r” and “t,” and an open inner letter space in “b.”

2014 – today

Ring Logo

Jamie Siminoff successfully promoted his startup on the TV show Shark Tank, which significantly increased sales. To demonstrate the company’s advancement to a new level, the owner renamed it Ring. This name is included in the dark gray logo, where the only blue element is a large round dot above the “i.” The rectangular letters with rounded corners mirror the shape of the devices produced by the American manufacturer.

Font and Colors

Ring Emblem

The 2014 emblem utilizes a unique set of glyphs. They are thin and vertically elongated, resembling a combination of simple curved lines. The smooth bends convey a sense of stability and reliability – positive associations for a company specializing in security systems. The dark gray color also symbolizes calmness and steadiness. A small blue accent connects all Ring logos, showing the company’s commitment to innovation.

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