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The mundane Riverdale logo doesn’t fit the show’s tense and chilling plot at all. It is like a beautiful screen behind which criminal events are hidden. But since the TV project was conceived as a comedy, such a contrast fits perfectly into the concept. At the same time, the emblem, with its urban design, fits perfectly with the story of the life of a provincial town.

Riverdale: Brand overview

Founded:January 26, 2017 – present
Founder:Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
United States

The developer of Riverdale is an American playwright and screenwriter, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, one of Archie Comics’ executives. This comic book publishing company came up with the characters that became the prototypes for the television series’ main characters. The show of first season began in January 2017, and the last (seventh in a row) should be released in 2023.

The teen drama about life and death in a provincial town was originally supposed to be a full-length comedy film. Warner Bros. took over its development in 2013. A few months later, she changed her mind as the film format shifted to the series. The Fox television network picked up the idea, but the project stalled again. And finally, in 2015, The CW Television Network began to create Riverdale.

The debut episode of the first season was released in 2017. A total of seven seasons are planned, which are united not only by the same characters but also by criminal events. It all starts with a mysterious murder, then a serial maniac appears, and later the town’s inhabitants are terrorized by mystical creatures. And every time, several teenagers have to get together to solve the mysteries.

Meaning and History

Riverdale Logo History

Despite Riverdale’s frightening storyline, the show’s logo looks quite mundane. Moreover, over the years, it has not changed: in 2017, a wordmark was created to identify the series, which is still used today. It has a simple structure because it contains nothing but the name of the television project. It is presented as a white inscription with blue lines drawn along the outline of each letter. These stripes have a non-uniform color: they are dark in the center and light and translucent along the edges. There is also a gradient. This design creates the effect of a holographic sign as if the word “Riverdale” is formed from glowing LED strips.

The letters are recognizable. They are characterized by strokes of uneven thickness and well-defined rectangular serifs, because of which “A” looks like it is standing on a pedestal. Instead of rounding, “R” and “D” have vertical lines with cut corners at the top and bottom.

What is Riverdale?

Riverdale is a multi-part film in the genres of television drama, detective, mysticism, and crime fiction. Its plot unfolds in a small town, which only seems quiet and calm at first glance. All the main characters are teenagers with their problems. Their images were based on characters from Archie Comic Publications, Inc.

Font and Colors

Riverdale Emblem

The Riverdale logo looks like a neon sign because it is one of the traditional attributes of city streets. So the designers paid tribute to the city, after which the series is named and in which the events of all seven seasons take place. At the same time, the inscription, simple in form and light in color, contrasts with the criminal plot of the serial film.

It is most likely that for the inscription “RIVERDALE,” the creators of the logo used the font Colossalis BQ Regular – an antiqua with traditional typography. This is a design by Italian designer Aldo Novarese, dating back to 1984. The typeface with rectangular serifs looks bold and unconventional. Similar but not identical fonts include Centrum Medium by SoftMaker Software GmbH and Varsity by Broderbund Software.

Riverdale Symbol

In the main version of the wordmark, the outlines of the letters are blue with a gradient and translucent shadows. The interior of the glyphs is white, but this color may change depending on the visual context.

Riverdale color codes

Beau BlueHex color:#b4d0e0
RGB:180 208 224
CMYK:20 7 0 12
Pantone:PMS 290 C
AquaHex color:#07feff
RGB:7 254 255
CMYK:97 0 0 0
Pantone:PMS 3275 C
Blizzard BlueHex color:#53bdd7
RGB:83 189 215
CMYK:61 12 0 16
Pantone:PMS 3115 C
Moonstone BlueHex color:#65aed2
RGB:101 174 210
CMYK:52 17 0 18
Pantone:PMS 631 C
Spanish Sky BlueHex color:#37a0d2
RGB:55 160 210
CMYK:74 24 0 18
Pantone:PMS 801 C
Dark Midnight BlueHex color:#04356c
RGB:4 53 108
CMYK:96 51 0 58
Pantone:PMS 294 C