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The pre-election logo of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. accompanies his presidential campaign. It has a predictable design, looking similar to the emblems of most other candidates. Using national symbols and colors in the emblem emphasizes the politician’s patriotism.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: Brand overview

Like many members of his family, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. decided to pursue a career in politics. He is a devout Catholic, author of several dozen books, a master falconer, and an avid kayaker. However, he has another side to his personality: using his status as an environmental activist, RFK Jr. leads anti-vaccine propaganda and spreads misinformation about vaccines causing autism and COVID-19 being created for the enrichment of large corporations. The politician also believes that there are American bio-laboratories abroad allegedly developing biological weapons. Additionally, Kennedy is convinced that the United States is the cause of most wars on the planet. In 2023, he ran for President – first as a representative of the Democratic Party, then as an independent candidate.

Meaning and History

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Logo History

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. believed in many conspiracy theories and actively supported them. Nonetheless, his presidential campaign logo does not reflect the unique characteristics of his personality. There is nothing in the inscriptions and geometric figures that could indicate the politician’s ideology, values, life stance, aspects of his biography, or anti-vaccine propaganda. It is a simple wordmark whose purpose is to elicit trust from voters and establish a strong emotional connection based on a shared sense of patriotism. Kennedy’s initial emblem was changed after he decided to run not from the Democratic Party but as an independent candidate.

What is Robert F. Kennedy Jr.?

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is one of the leading propagandists of vaccine misinformation. He supports conspiracy theories related to medicine, denies the existence of HIV, and believes that wireless communication, aluminum, and paracetamol are harmful to children’s health. The politician also spreads falsehoods about the wars in Iraq and Ukraine and plans to accept Russia into NATO if he becomes President of the United States. RFK Jr. announced his candidacy for this position on April 5, 2023, becoming the fifth member of the Kennedy family to vie for the presidential seat.

April 2023 – October 2023

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Logo April-October 2023

On April 19, 2023, it became known that RFK Jr. officially entered the presidential race. For seven months, his campaign was represented by a logo with the large dark blue word “KENNEDY” positioned in the top line. Below it was the red number “2024,” centered and complemented by a geometric pattern of horizontal red and white stripes – a nod to the striped flag of the United States.

2023 – today

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Logo

On October 9, 2023, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announced that he had changed his mind about representing the Democratic Party and wanted to run as an independent. Three days prior, the logo of his presidential campaign was altered. Now, it contains a single-line inscription: the blue word “KENNEDY” followed immediately by the red number “24.” Compared to the previous version, the new design looks simpler and lacks abstract patterns.

Font and Colors

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Emblem

In the candidate’s modified emblem, a font similar to Uniform Extra Condensed Black by Miller Type Foundry or Handbills And Posters JNL Regular by Jeff Levine Fonts is used (only the digit “2” is different). It is bold and grotesque, with tall letters. It looks strong, confident, and expressive, drawing attention to the politician’s last name.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Symbol

The choice of color scheme is dictated by American traditions. Red, white, and blue are present in the US flag and often appear in election emblems as an expression of patriotic feelings.