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The world leader in producing sanitary ware is associated with water, which is abstracted in its identity. The Roca logo reflects the company’s philosophy that water is a valuable resource, and its use must be rational. The logo also symbolizes strength and reliability, characteristics that emphasize the quality of the products.

Roca: Brand overview

Founder:brothers Martín, Matías and José Roca Soler
Barcelona, Spain

Roca is a 105-year-old company located in Barcelona that produces bathtubs, toilets, bidets, sinks, bathtub furniture, and other sanitary products. The Roca logo is familiar to users in 170 countries, and the company’s production facilities are located all over Europe and Asia.Roca’s history began in 2017. During its existence, the company has sold a wide range of products. Beginning with boilers and radiators, then boilers and air conditioners, the firm gradually moved on to sanitary ware and ceramic tiles, firmly occupying this European niche. Today it is a world leader not only in sanitary ware but also in bathroom design.

Meaning and History

Roca Logo History

The Roca logo is quite consistent. So is the invariably high quality of the company’s products.

For the visual identity, the brand name was chosen with an elegant two-part underline. The font is quite massive. It demonstrates the thickness of the ceramic parts. Indicates reliability and durability. Such a variant eliminates the possibility of chips and cracks. On a subconscious level, a bold font increases confidence in the company.

What is Roca?

Spanish manufacturer of sanitary ware for kitchens and baths, represented in 170 countries. It has 84 factories, employing 24 thousand people. The turnover of the company is about 2 billion euros.

The ends of the letters C and A are thinner than the other elements. They remind of faucets. The bottom of the A has a rounded bottom, similar to the curve of a bathtub or sink. The word lines are smooth and streamlined, like the edges of Roca products.

Roca Symbol

The name of the brand is the last name of the founding brothers. It is translated from Spanish as “stone.” For modern customers unfamiliar with the history of the founding, the word is another hint at the durability of products.

The first part of the inscription has a wavy underline, resembling a splash of water. It symbolizes bathing, washing, and swimming.

The line separates the three letters of the name, which form the word “rock.” It shows that plumbing production is the fate and destiny of the firm and the founding family. Their purpose was found in the creation of objects in contact with the water element.

The line has a sharp cut that divides it into two parts: wavy and straight. It shows the separation of the water element and its imprisonment in the company ceramics.

The straight, clear underlining of the letter A carries an extensive semantic meaning.

  • Roca is the leader in its industry (one of the five world leaders), just as the letter A is first in the alphabet.
  • The firm stands firmly and confidently on its feet.
  • The company has very strict, inflexible principles. It adheres to its Roca Loves the Planet initiative. It does this by reducing emissions in its factories and looking for solutions for homes that are comfortable and save water and energy.

The combination of undulating and straight lines shows the variety of Roca products. Some are in contact with water, while others, like furniture, are not.

Font and Colors

Roca Emblem

Blue letters on a white background – the perfect combination for a sanitary logo.

  • Blue is the symbol of water.
  • White – ceramic, earthenware, porcelain. Hints at snow-white soft bath robes and towels.

In general, shades symbolize cleanliness and water procedures.

The font of the inscription Aeonis Pro Heavy.

Roca color codes

Lapis LazuliHex color:#085fa7
RGB:8 95 167
CMYK:95 43 0 35
Pantone:PMS 2945 C