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The Rolex logo represents a brand worthy of kings. The emblem demonstrates that the company’s watches are designed for VIPs from high society. The shades of the sign show nobility, the desire to exist for centuries.

Rolex: Brand overview

Founded: 1905
Founder: Hans Wilsdorf, Alfred Davis
Geneva, Switzerland
Rolex is an iconic watch brand founded in 1903. Since then, “crowned” goods have been the hallmark of belonging to the high society. The founders of the company are Hans Wilsdorf and his son-in-law Alfred James Davis. It has now become a private family trust and belongs to their descendants. The original place of appearance of the enterprise in London’s city (Great Britain), but due to high post-war taxes, it was forced to move to Geneva (Switzerland).

Meaning and History

Rolex Logo History

The crown, which later became the most recognizable logo globally, did not appear immediately, but several years after the launch of production. Its registration as a trademark took place even later – in 1925. Over the years, the emblem has undergone three transformations, but each time the monarch’s attribute took pride in its place.

What is Rolex?

Rolex – is a Swiss company with British roots specializing in the design, creation, and production of high-end wristwatches. It owns two brands: Rolex and Tudor. It was founded in 1905 by businesspeople Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis, so it was initially called Wilsdorf and Davis. The current name was adopted in 1919. The head office is located in Geneva, Switzerland.

1905 – 1965

Rolex Logo 1905-1965

The debut emblem set the leading style and vector for subsequent variants, so they closely overlap. It consists of two key parts: a graphic one with a crown and a text one with several phrases. All elements are on a dark sandy rectangle.

It was more of a marketing version because, in addition to the brand name, it contained the phrase “How did the word Rolex originate?”. All inscriptions are in capital letters but different fonts. Only the word “Rolex” has serifs positioned separately (centered) and outlined with yellow shadows.

1965 – 2002

Rolex Logo 1965-2002

During this period, the key emphasis has shifted, so a laconic corporate label appeared instead of a business card logo. It features an elongated crown above the company’s name. The text looks larger than the graphic sign by the ratio of the proportions of letters and drawn elements. In this version, gray with a blue tint and dark beige also appeared.

2002 – today

Rolex Logo 2002-present

The actual logo almost repeats the previous one with a slight difference in drawing and color, introduced in 2002. The crown has become clearer and larger. Green and gold (with variations) are reversed.

Font and Colors

Rolex Emblem

The monarch’s attribute was present on the watch brand’s emblem from the very beginning, symbolizing high status and prestige. This is in line with his core values. At the same time, Rolex has never explained why it opted for the crown and what exactly it stands for. According to some versions, this is a human hand (based on the number of wide rays); according to others – tree branches crowned with pearls.

The original logo at all times consisted of the royal crown and name. The first item is at the top, the second at the bottom. The rest of the nuances (color, size, style of painting) changed depending on design trends.

The emblem had several types of typefaces, the main of which is Garamond. The designers used it for the brand name. The color palette also does not differ in variety – it is stable. It is a combination of yellow and green in hue variations. The gold crown emphasizes the company’s focus on precious metals, while green focuses on the color of money, representing prosperity and wealth.

Rolex color codes

Bistre Brown Hex color: #a37e2c
RGB: 163 126 44
CMYK: 0 23 73 36
Pantone: PMS 1255 C
Cadmium Green Hex color: #006039
RGB: 0 96 57
CMYK: 100 0 41 62
Pantone: PMS 3415 C