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The Romwe logo encourages people to ignite, not depend on other’s opinions, and to be light and free. The emblem is close to youth subcultures and sets the store apart from the classic identity options of retail.

Romwe: Brand overview

Founder:David Lee
Los Angeles, California, U.S.

Romwe is a Chinese youth online store for women’s clothing and accessories, shipping products worldwide. The platform was launched in 2009 and trades in 16 currencies, including euros and dollars. There are several thousand rapidly updating offers for sale. Shipping is free.

Meaning and History

Romwe Logo History

The store’s logo has remained unchanged since its inception. The symbol matches the style of the clothing presented. It is just as extravagant and free. The store offers not just outfits but images that the shopper can try on for themselves. The emblem appeals to girls who are confident in themselves, unafraid to experiment, stand out in a crowd, and shock the audience.

What is Romwe?

A Chinese platform offering youth women’s clothing, shoes, jewelry, and bags at affordable prices in street fashion style. It collaborates with bloggers for advertising, providing free items for review. It owns warehouses in different countries, allowing for express delivery of orders within a week.

2009 – today

The platform’s logo is word-based and executed in black font. It is quite eccentric and close to the goth style. The symbol shows the uniqueness of the store, where items considered fashionable in Chinese culture are presented. All products are divided into styles: goth (for mysticism lovers), kawaii (schoolgirl style, young virgins), and sweetness (for seduction).

  • The letters of the inscription seem torn, and their uneven edges are fluttering in the wind. The logo demonstrates breaking boundaries, bold steps, and breaking the mold. Outfits offered by the store are not like the usual streetwear style the retailer leans towards. Elven ears, lace-up corsets, chains, harnesses, and fishnet stockings are combined with mini-skirts, very open tops, and dresses resembling school uniforms.
  • The ends of the glyphs resemble tongues of flame. All images in the store are ultra-modern, bright, and memorable. They are similar to the blazing fire of a bonfire.
  • The inscription is associated with torn clothing, which is entirely in the style of street fashion. It speaks of carelessness, extravagance, and the desire to stand out against the general background.

The unfinished letter O is reminiscent of bracelets with spikes, collars, chains, and hoops abundantly represented on the website.

Font and Colors

The black color of the logo is always trendy and harmonizes with any product color. It indicates that the retailer’s offers will help emphasize the individuality of the shopper and create an unforgettable image.

The font for the ultra-fashionable clothing website could not be plagiarized, so it was specially designed for the platform. The writing style is free, like careless brushstrokes. They form angular letters of varying sizes with torn, unfinished ends. However, the emblem does not look incomplete. The symbol has its unique charm and handwriting.

Romwe color codes

Radical RedHex color:#fc4070
RGB:252 64 112
CMYK:0 75 56 1
Pantone:PMS 1785 C