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The Royal Caribbean logo contains a symbol of monarchical authority. Thus, the cruise company emphasizes its high status, impeccable services, and luxury comfort for travelers. It adheres to royal principles in everything, becoming second in the world in terms of the number of transported passengers and first in terms of revenue in the industry.

Royal Caribbean: Brand overview

Founder:Royal Caribbean Group
Miami, Florida, U.S.
Royal Caribbean is a cruise travel brand. It is engaged in tourist transportation of passengers, using 26 liners. The organization was established in 1968 in Norway, being founded by three shipping companies: Gotaas Larsen, IM Skaugen & Company, and Anders Wilhelmsen & Company. Now its headquarters is located in the American city of Miami, Florida, and it is a subsidiary of the Royal Caribbean Group.

Meaning and History

Royal Caribbean Logo History

At its inception, this cruise operator was called Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. A significant leap in its professional activity occurred in 1997 when it restructured itself into a large organization – the Royal Caribbean Group. As a result of the reforms, the company involved in organizing cruises was renamed Royal Caribbean International. This phrase served as the basis for a new logo.

In all cases, the first two words remained unchanged, symbolizing a royal vacation, premium comfort, and a high level of responsibility for maintaining a luxurious atmosphere for clients. Designers focused on this factor, considering it the most significant marketing aspect and accurately characterizing the tourism company. Moreover, they didn’t forget that the logo should be contemporary, so they made it timeless.

What is Royal Caribbean?

Royal Caribbean is the name of an American cruise operator with Norwegian roots. The company was launched in 1968 through the efforts of three shipping organizations: Gotaas Larsen, IM Skaugen & Company, and Anders Wilhelmsen & Company. Since 1997, its owner has been the Royal Caribbean Group, where it functions as a subsidiary. The headquarters are located in Miami, Florida.

1968 – today

Royal Caribbean Logo

The logo’s base is the Horacio rectangle, which also serves as the background for the inscriptions and corporate symbol. The geometric figure is positioned horizontally and divided into three unequal parts. The largest is designated for the phrase “Royal Caribbean.” The phrase is typed in a large font in lowercase and is endowed with exquisite serifs – miniature and pointed. This line is painted in white, which stands out vividly against the blue field.

The next line contains the word “International.” Unlike the first part, a slab font is used here. The letters are uppercase, thin, and wide. They are at a significant distance from each other. A large intercharacter space was needed to ensure that one lower inscription matched the length of the two upper ones. Its background is a yellow stripe, half as small as the blue one.

To the left is a dark blue square with monarchial and maritime attributes: it combines a crown and anchor. They look very harmonious because designers successfully found similar features in them. The crown has three spikes, and the anchor has three points mirrored relative to each other. Both elements have figured cutouts.

Font and Colors

Royal Caribbean Emblem

The Royal Caribbean International logo features two types of typefaces. For the upper inscription, the Roman font Galliard in an antique style, created in 1987 by designer Mathew Carter, was chosen. He used the work of typecaster Robert Granjon, who lived in the 16th century, as a prototype. The word in the lower line is made with a humanist font Frutiger, developed by Adrian Frutiger. It is a sans-serif typeface with thin glyphs.

Royal Caribbean Symbol

The brand palette includes two colors, one of which is presented in different shades: yellow, dark blue, and light blue. They harmoniously combine and subtly draw attention to the brand’s cruise travel identity.