The straightforward RWBY logo epitomizes the complex relationships in the series it belongs to. The emblem symbolizes not the characters themselves but their personalities: the main heroines, who have undergone many trials and have become inspirations for numerous sequels, are encoded in it.

RWBY: Brand overview

Founded:July 18, 2013 – present
Founder:Monty Oum
United States
RWBY is the name of a sci-fi animated series that initiated the American franchise of the same name. The franchise includes spin-offs, video games, manga, books, soundtracks, feature films, and comics. The genesis of the franchise was launched by writer and animator Monyreak Oum. The debut took place in 2013 on Rooster Teeth. The anime was then shown on YouTube. Overall, the web project consists of 9 seasons, the latest of which was introduced in 2023. The work continues, despite the author’s death in 2015, as his team decided not to abandon the project.

Meaning and History

RWBY Logo History

The RWBY logo was born alongside the animated series because it required an appropriate introduction. The creators settled on a text-based variant to focus not on events or themes but on the main characters, who are the key factors in developing the storyline. The authors wanted to showcase their unity—that each character is equally important.

That’s why the logo used an acronym consisting of the initial letters of the names of all four characters. The acronym stands for Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, and Yang Xiao Long. Although the characters are associated with specific colors in the animated series (red, white, black, yellow), the glyphs are uniformly colored, further emphasizing the concept of the tight unity of the heroines.

At the same time, the huntresses have personal logos made up of their signature objects. There can be several, but they are inevitably tied to a specific character type. Geometric figures, abstract patterns, symbols, animals, flowers, and many other things serve this purpose. They adorn not only the characters (as tattoos on the body) but also their belongings: armor, clothing, weapons, and more.

What is RWBY?

RWBY is an American media franchise that originated from an eponymous computer anime released by Monyreak Oum in 2013 for Rooster Teeth. As of 2023, the series is still being actively filmed, with the ninth season episodes being added. In addition to the original cartoon, the franchise includes books, spin-offs, songs, comics, movies, and video games. The storyline of the sci-fi and adventure anime revolves around four main characters from the fictional world of Remnant. They train to become Huntsmen and Huntresses to protect against the Grimm monsters.

2013 – today


The logo consists of large, monolithic-type letters that are made solid, not combined from separate fragments. Such a style is called block, but in this case, there is no second important factor – super bold lines. The thing is that the inscription in the logo is made with semi-bold glyphs and looks neat. Even the spikes located at the top and bottom of the signs do not spoil the appearance. Such serifs, on the contrary, add sharpness to visual identity, highlight the theme of the media franchise, and highlight the character of the main characters.

The serifs are integrated with the letters and look like sharp cold weapons. The spiky and cutting elements differ in shape: some of them are wide, like blades, and others are narrow, like knives. They are evenly distributed, so they are found simultaneously in one glyph. The left leg of “R” is elongated to the extent that it goes beyond the general boundary of the inscription and externally resembles an axe, halberd, arrow, or spear in a longitudinal section.

Font and Colors

The typeface for the computer anime emblem was custom-made. Therefore, it is individual. Later, the RWBY Style font with sharp spikes at the tops and bottom ends of the uppercase letters was developed based on it. The logo’s color palette is single-component: it consists of red color – a symbol of struggle, energy, and high tension.

RWBY color codes

Red BrownHex color:#a21c200
RGB:162 28 32
CMYK:0 83 80 36
Pantone:PMS 7626 C