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The simple-looking Ryobi logo has a deep meaning. Its elements are parts of a single mechanism in which everything is interconnected. A parallel is drawn here with power tools because they only work when every part is in good working order and its place.

Ryobi: Brand overview

Founded:December 16, 1943
Founder:Yutaka Urakami
Fuchu, Hiroshima, Japan

Ryobi is an industrial group whose main business areas are automotive molded parts, offset printing machines and construction equipment. The company owns 12 factories scattered in six countries.

The owners of Ryobi Limited (before 1973, Ryobi Seisakusho Co.) took on any interesting opportunity. Beginning with the production of metal and plastic car parts, they managed to get into printing machines (1961), door closers (1963), fishing tackle (1966-2000), insurance (1968), power tools (1968-2018), and golf products (1983-2002). Unpromising branches were sold, and separate companies were created to manage the rest, turning the firm into a giant conglomerate.

Meaning and History

Ryobi Logo History

The company revised its logo only once. There was a need for a common mark that would unite all the many companies founded by Ryobi. The logo replaced the identity system developed in 1975 after changing the name of the Japanese part of the business to Ryobi Limited (1973).

A word logo was chosen for the visual identity. Large uppercase letters were used for it. They show the power of concern. Its distribution is across several continents (the company has production facilities in South and North America, Europe, and Asia).

What is Ryobi?

Japanese concerned with a profit of more than 100 million dollars, producing printing machines, power tools, door closers, and auto parts. It was founded in 1943—with headquarters in Hiroshima.

Ryobi Symbol

The individuality of the image gives an unusual lettering of letters R and B. They lack the upper part of the main line, and the beginning of the upper half-rings protrude to the back, beyond the letters.

The lettering brings the logo closer to most of the company’s activities.

  • Injection molding. The unfinished parts of the letters resemble the gutter channels through which the casting mass enters and fills the mold. The R and B appear to be poured out of plastic, and this action is filmed in the process. Casting is the very first business the company has been involved in all its years of existence.
  • Offset printing. The tops of the modified letters resemble the rollers in an offset printing machine.
  • Fishing products. The curls of the letters look like hooks, alluding to the fishing tackle in which the concern has been involved for over 30 years. The popularity of seafood in Japan made them very popular.
  • The unfinished letters hint at open doors, the closers for which Ryobi manufactures.

The lines going beyond represent the constant development and improvement of the company. The concern is open to new injections and regroupings. They are always interested in new technologies and directions of work. Its management and structure are malleable and flexible.

The name “Ry o bi” translates from Japanese as “paradise day” and conveys not the direction of work but the mood and goals of the company. The corporation strives to improve the quality of people’s lives so that every day is like a day in paradise. The name reflects the desire for a happy future, which will come through the conglomerate’s efforts. It also points to the good working conditions for the employees. In the emblem, the modified letters mark the parts of the expression pronounced separately.

Periodically, only the initial letter of the name, placed in a red square, represents the company.

Font and Colors

Ryobi Emblem

The color chosen for the logo is red. It is refreshing and gives the emblem dynamism and passion. It is in perfect harmony with the corporation’s passion for business and versatile areas of work. This shade shows that the concern has enough energy to evolve for a long time.

Red echoes the ideas and goals of the company to create high-quality products, surrounding people with maximum comfort. Red on a white background conveys the ambassadors of environmental protection. The company has created a special division dealing with these issues.

The font is Yaro Op Black with unique modifications.

Ryobi color codes

Sedona RedHex color:#ff2e16
RGB:255 46 22
CMYK:0 82 91 0
Pantone:PMS 172 C