The SABIC logo has an unusual format that makes it particularly recognizable. It features the brand name, which is presented in two languages simultaneously. This design solution favorably emphasizes the features of the company policy. SABIC is located in the Middle East, but at the same time, it works with European partners. For this reason, the inscription on the logo is in English and Arabic. This way, the company shows respect for its traditions and friendly attitude towards its foreign partners.

SABIC: Brand overview

Founded:September 1976
Founder:Saudi Aramco
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

SABIC is one of the largest international companies operating in the chemical industry. The head office is in Riyard (Saudi Arabia), but the scope of activities also covers other countries. The specialization of the company is extensive. It manufactures industrial polymers, chemicals, petrochemicals, metals, and fertilizers.

SABIC is a large multinational company ranked fourth in the Fortune Global 500 chemical specialty companies. In addition, Brand Finance in 2021 described the company as the second most valuable in the industry. It’s not just a domestic market but an entire industry on a global scale. Having achieved incredible success, SABIC does not stop. It continues to increase its production capacity and develop the technology.

Meaning and History

SABIC Logo Histotry

Despite the active improvement, the visual identity remains unchanged throughout the company. Its central element is a simple, functional logo with elements in two different languages. One corresponds to the region in which SABIC is located, and the other is a language that is understood by the majority of customers from European countries. This combination shows the importance of the company itself, as well as the respect for foreign firms.

In 1976, a royal decree was issued, which was the basis for forming SABIC. Initially, the company processed petroleum by-products. These substances were used here to create fertilizers and useful polymers and chemicals. Over time, the company expanded its facilities to such an extent that the nearby townships became industrial cities, and its operations went global. Since then, SABIC has used the same stylish bilingual logo, reflecting the basic principles and values.

What is SABIC?

SABIC (Saudi Basic Industries Corporation) is one of the world leaders in the chemical industry. The multinational brand is currently owned by the parent company Saudi Aramco. Its main specialization is the production of polyethylene, ethylene glycol, metals, fertilizers, and other chemicals. The scale of activity is so large that, at different times, SABIC has held a leading position in world rankings. This also applies to revenues, which reached tens of billions of dollars.

It is a two-tiered inscription, with Arabic text at the top and the name in English at the bottom. Combining these verbal signs into a harmonious picture was possible thanks to a special design approach. It consists of the fact that the lower part of the inscription, though written in English letters, has a characteristic curve for the Arabic language. For this reason, the illusion is created as if both inscriptions were made in this language.

Overall, the design looks very confident and stylish. The effect is achieved by using straight lines that create sharp straight and sharp angles. The dots in the lettering also have an unusual appearance. In both words, they are presented in a slightly elongated diagonal shape. This adds dynamism to the logo and, at the same time, symbolizes growth and striving for something new. These features are fundamental to the company’s policy, so the logo is used by the company to this day.

In addition, SABIC can be characterized as a credible and reliable company that values its reputation and is open to new collaborations. This is evident in the level of coloring as well as in terms of layout. The logo has no unnecessary decorations and graphic elements, which can be interpreted as a high focus on activities and their improvement.

Font and Colors

SABIC Emblem

The SABIC logo is a striking example of brand design for companies located in Arab countries. The main element of the trademarks of most of them is the inscription in Arabic. The presented logo is no exception. It features the name of the company, executed in this format.

The distinctive features of this font are the straight lines, clear contours, dynamic curves, and elongated characters. The same style was chosen for the design of the bottom inscription, which denotes the name in English. The design of the Arabic font gives it an authentic look but retains the legibility that is essential for customers from other countries. The coloring is also symbolic here. It features yellow and blue.

The former is often used in the logos of energy and oil companies. In their context, it means energy, which they supply to consumers. In addition, yellow may have another interpretation of the SABIC logo. It is associated with sand and sunshine, which describes the nature of Saudi Arabia, where SABIC’s main production facilities are located.

SABIC Symbol

The blue color, in which the bottom lettering is colored, can also refer to the field of activity. It is often compared to the symbol of natural gas, which is why it is often used to decorate companies involved in gas extraction. In addition, yellow and blue together demonstrate reliability, progressiveness, and professionalism, which can be used to describe the company as a whole.

SABIC color codes

Orange PeelHex color:#ff9700
RGB:255 151 0
CMYK:0 41 100 0
Pantone:PMS 151 C
Cobalt BlueHex color:#0048af
RGB:0 72 175
CMYK:100 59 0 31
Pantone:PMS 7728 C