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The Saga logo represents the brand’s commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and storytelling, inviting players to embark on unforgettable adventures in the world of Saga.

The Saga logo of the Japanese gaming franchise evokes a dual impression. On the one hand, it appears ephemeral and unstable due to the split lines within the letters. On the other hand, the long sharp serifs create a sense of balance. These serifs convey that the word “Saga” is not dissolving into the space but, instead, materializing. The golden color of the logo resembles a precious adornment. The uneven contours with gradients give the emblem a visually three-dimensional and realistic quality.

The Saga emblem embodies a sense of elegance and refinement, reflecting the sophistication of the Japanese gaming franchise. The split lines within the letters add a touch of dynamism and artistic flair, hinting at the diverse and captivating narratives that unfold within the Saga games. The sharp serifs contribute to the logo’s distinctive and memorable appearance, leaving a lasting impression on players and fans.

Furthermore, the golden color palette used in the Saga logo symbolizes prestige and value. It conveys a sense of grandeur and importance, hinting at the epic and immersive experiences that await players in the Saga gaming universe. The gradients and uneven contours give the logo a sense of depth and texture, enhancing its visual appeal and making it visually captivating.

Saga: Brand overview

Founder:Square and Square Enix
Tokyo, Japan

Enter the captivating universe of the Saga series, a collection of science fantasy role-playing video games that have enchanted gamers since its first installment, The Final Fantasy Legend, hit the Nintendo Game Boy in 1989. Birthed from the creative minds at Square Enix, this series has transcended borders, engaging players globally with its unique, immersive gameplay.

Every game in this esteemed series stands out for its enthralling individual narratives, pulling in gamers with its non-linear story progression, inventive leveling and combat systems, and freedom to explore. The Saga series delivers an enthralling fusion of fantasy and science fiction, all framed within a consistent mythical lore.

Each installment unravels its own distinct tale, yet they are all interwoven within the same universe, harboring shared secrets. Unravel the enigmas of this cosmos and its inhabitants as you embark on a novel adventure in each game.

With time, the Saga series has experienced significant evolution, ranging from the inaugural game introduced on the pioneering console to the most recent edition designed for the latest gaming platforms. Each new entry in the series signifies an endeavor by the developers to infuse fresh elements while remaining anchored to the essence that makes the Saga series endearing to its fans—a riveting realm brimming with magic and adventure.

Meaning and History

Saga Logo History

The identity of the series is intricately tied to its groundbreaking blend of fantasy and science fiction elements. As a brand, it has always strived to provide a unique narrative that seamlessly intertwines futuristic technology with mystical elements. This unique blend of two seemingly opposing genres is what sets the brand apart in the sea of role-playing games.

The brand has a solid identity as a provider of deeply strategic gameplay that demands players to think ahead and plan their actions carefully. Its complexity does not deter but rather invites gamers, which in turn reflects the series’ commitment to delivering a challenging yet enjoyable experience.

Visually, the series is recognized for its striking art design that draws from both science fiction and fantasy aesthetics. The landscapes of otherworldly planets and intricate architectural designs seen in the game have become synonymous with the brand’s identity. This unique visual appeal, coupled with captivating narratives and complex game mechanics, solidifies the brand’s distinctiveness in the gaming industry.

What is Saga?

Saga, a series of science fantasy role-playing video games, is a creation of the renowned company Square Enix.

The series commenced its journey in the gaming world with the vision of blending science fiction and fantasy elements into one cohesive role-playing experience. Over time, it has brought multiple installments to the gaming community, each edition contributing to the expansive and rich lore of the game’s universe. Its unique and robust game mechanics have positioned it as a force to reckon with in the RPG genre.

1989 – today

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2016 – 2018

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Saga color codes

TopazHex color:#f2bd6e
RGB:242 189 110
CMYK:0 22 55 5
Pantone:PMS 1355 C
GingerbreadHex color:#712701
RGB:113 39 1
CMYK:0 65 99 56
Pantone:PMS 174 C