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Salerm Logo

Salerm Logo
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Salerm Cosmetics is a company founded in 1970 by the Sala brothers to produce hair coloring products. After a while, she was on the verge of ruin, so she was put up for sale. The buyer was found among the suppliers of raw materials. It was Vรญctor Martรญnez Vicario who compiled color charts for the company. As a result, he bought it in 1978 and transferred it to Llissรก de Vall (Barcelona). Gradually, the brand received a smashing success all over the world.

Meaning and History

Salerm Symbol

After the transfer of production, the company entered its heyday. The new owner started developing innovative tools because he also opened a laboratory with his cousin. In 1995, he undertook a rebranding: he changed the name, removing the “extra” letter. As a result, Salherm began to be called Salerm, so the word was pronounced equally well in all languages. Naturally, this event was reflected in the trademark symbolism.

The company logo is very simple and consists of two words arranged in two lines. Top inscription – “Salerm”. It is made in large curved letters that lack straight lines. The bottom element is “Cosmetics.” The second part of the title is distinguished by a refined font and wide inter-letter breakdown. There is a thin black stripe between the top and bottom elements.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Salerm Emblem

There are two types of typefaces in the emblem. The word “Salerm” is composed of a custom curved font. It has an original “L” in the shape of a hook and “S” like Superman (comic book hero). The lower inscription is made in a classic chopped grotesque style. The logo palette is two-color – black and white.