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Salesforce Logo

Salesforce Logo
Salesforce Logo PNG

Salesforce is more than just a CRM system. The main product of the American company is a cloud platform with a large list of functions. The portal allows you to automate work processes, create personal solutions, use analytical tools, manage tasks, view training content, and increase labor productivity. In general, do whatever it takes to run your business successfully.

Meaning and History

Salesforce Logo History
Evolution of the Salesforce Logo

When it comes to visual identity, the Salesforce platform is very stable. For all the time, she had only two logos – the original, which appeared in 1999, and the revised one, which is used now. And from the point of view of composition, they are identical: both there and a cloud with the words “salesforce.”

1999 – 2014

Salesforce Logo 1999-2014

In the first emblem, the cloud was three-dimensional. The designers achieved a 3D effect using a radial elliptical gradient: colors flowed smoothly from white (in the center) to light blue (around the edges). The thin frame around the figure also looked three-dimensional due to the uneven palette – highlights and shadows created a sense of spatial presence.

The name of the CRM system was written in lowercase letters inside the cloud. The word was visually divided into two halves: on the left – gray “sales,” and on the right – black “force.” And for “f,” the designers used italic font; this sign looks like a delimiter between the two parts of the inscription.

2014 – present

Salesforce Logo 2014-present

Fifteen years after launch, the platform changed the logo slightly. All elements remained in the same places but began to look different. This time, the developers adhered to the principles of minimalism, which involves two-dimensional graphics. As a result, the cloud has lost the gradient that creates a 3D effect, and at the same time, has lost its “convex” edging.

The font has also been simplified. The label creators got rid of the serifs and fillets at the end of the strokes. The letters have acquired a clear shape, although the smoothness of the lines has been preserved. The palette was also changed: now, the word “salesforce” is completely white, without division into multi-colored parts. This is another manifestation of fashionable minimalism.

Font and Color of the Emblem

Salesforce Emblem

Salesforce is a cloud platform, so its logo is shaped accordingly. It looks like a lush cloud, consisting of six circles of different diameters. Moreover, the chosen style is more in line with children’s drawings than modern computer graphics. Previously, the image was three-dimensional, but then the portal owners abandoned the 3D design in favor of a simple two-dimensionality.

At first glance, it seems that “f” is stylishly different from the rest of the letters: it is elongated and oblique, with a high transverse stroke. These are different variations of the same font from the Aller family. Italic was used for “f” and Regular for the word as a whole. It is noticeable that the designers slightly changed the printed signs’ shape, adapting it to the Salesforce logo.

Nobody experimented with colors: the inscription is completely white (#FFFFFF). It looks advantageous against the background of a blue cloud. The designers chose the shade Rich Electric Blue (# 009EDB), which creates the necessary contrast.