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The San Jose Sharks California logo contains the hockey club’s mascot, a shark, depicted at the moment of the battle fuse. It symbolizes strength and assertiveness, the ability to go to the end in their quest for victory, characteristic of the team’s playing style.

San Jose Sharks: Brand overview

Founded: 1991
Founder: San Jose Sports & Entertainment Enterprises
San Jose, California. U.S.

The San Jose Sharks California ice hockey team is owned by San Jose Sports & Entertainment Enterprises. Its debut season took place in 1991-1992, making it the first National Hockey League franchise in the San Francisco Bay Area since the California Golden Seals relocation.

The club owners chose Sharks from more than 5,000 proposed options because the local region has always been famous for its research centers, where sharks were studied. True, during the competition, a completely different nickname won – Blades. But the leadership felt that it was associated with local gangs, so they decided to replace him with something equally deadly but more neutral.

Meaning and History

San Jose Sharks Logo History

The famous shark and club logo has been in use since 1991. It has changed several times as artists experimented with colors and shapes to make the drawing more realistic. However, they did not manage to get far from the cartoon design: they could add the proportionality icon, which was lacking in the first versions.

What is San Jose Sharks?

The San Jose Sharks are a team from the National Hockey League that debuted in the 1991-1992 season. It is the first NHL franchise based in the Bay Area since the command Bay Area Seals moved there. She leases the SAP Center at San Jose and participates in the Pacific Division.

1991 – 1998

San Jose Sharks Logo 1991-1998

For the debut season, designer Terry Smith has created the first San Jose Sharks emblem. He drew a black shark with fins, gills, and razor-sharp teeth that could bite even a wooden hockey stick. The graphic composition is placed in an inverted triangle formed by four lines – two black (at the edges), turquoise, and gray.

1998 – 2007

San Jose Sharks Logo 1998-2007

In 1998, the artist slightly changed the color of the club, making it light brown. Also, he slightly shortened the three arcuate lines denoting the gills. Everything else remains the same.

2007 – 2008

San Jose Sharks Logo 2007-2008

In 2007, the first global redesign took place. As before, the central figure was the shark, but the experimental developer gave it new features: in the race for realism, he made it three-dimensional. As a result, the deadly predator began to look like a comics character, which was especially emphasized by demonically glowing eyes.

Simultaneously, the 3D effect made it possible to turn the shark, set its direction, and create a sense of movement. For the same purpose, the designer added edges and shadows to the club. He also reshaped the triangle, making it concave at the top.

2008 – today

San Jose Sharks Logo 2008-present

Only the turquoise color has been updated in the current logo – it has acquired a lighter shade. Compositionally, nothing has changed: a shark with a club, as before, occupies the central place in the drawing.

Font and Colors

San Jose Sharks Emblem

San Jose Sharks’ official sign contains not only the team mascot but also an allegorical element – an inverted triangle. According to one version, this is a graphic embodiment of the Red Triangle, a triangular area in the Pacific Ocean near the Bay Area. There are a lot of sharks in that area, which makes it deadly. Considering the name of the club, the Red Triangle fits perfectly into the chosen concept.

According to another version, the emblem triangle denotes the major conurbation centers of the Bay Area: Oakland, San Francisco, and San Jose. Despite the differences of opinion, it all comes down to the fact that the logo contains encrypted objects indicating the team’s territorial affiliation. In turn, the hockey stick allows you to identify the sport, and the shark symbolizes fearlessness, speed, and determination.

The drawing is deliberately close to the cartoon: even when the designer wanted to give the image three-dimensionality, he chose a comic style. He made the shark look like an exaggerated villain. According to experts, the San Jose Sharks did not want to scare the children, so they did not follow the path of realism. It is enough that the predator’s eyes are highlighted in orange, and the teeth resemble sharpened saw teeth.

San Jose Sharks Symbol

The San Jose Sharks emblem is not supplemented with any inscriptions – it does not even have the city’s abbreviation, which is traditionally used by other clubs. The designer decided to focus on the drawing, for which he chose a catchy palette. This is not to say that the colors are unnaturally bright, but their combination is still eye-catching.

Black and turquoise suggest that the shark is underwater in the shade, while orange eyes give an image of hidden danger. The hockey stick is painted the same orange. The teeth are white, as is the inside of the triangle. The main shades that are present on the logo: Pantone 152 C and Pantone 3155 C.

San Jose Sharks color codes

Deep Pacific Teal Hex color: #006272
RGB: 0 98 114
CMYK: 100 9 29 47
Pantone: PMS 3155 C
Burnt Orange Hex color: #e57200
RGB: 229 114 0
CMYK: 0 66 100 0
Pantone: PMS 152 C
Black Hex color: #010101
RGB: 1 1 1
CMYK: 0 0 0 100
Pantone: PMS Process Black C

What is the San Jose Sharks logo?

The hockey club logo looks menacing: it depicts a shark with sharp teeth biting the stick in half. Her eye glows mystically orange. The predatory fish emerges from the dark corner of the triangular frame.

Who designed the San Jose Sharks logo?

The famous San Jose Sharks logo was created by artist Terry Smith, owner of Terry Smith Creations. Moreover, he created both versions of the design: the old and the new.

How did the San Jose Sharks get their name?

Like many other sports teams, the San Jose Sharks were named after a competition. However, the first place was taken by a completely different name – “Blades.” They decided not to use it because it was associated with criminal groups. The “Sharks” option, which was in second place, automatically won.

Who owns the San Jose Sharks?

The ice hockey team is majority-owned by the company San Jose Sports & Entertainment Enterprises, which owns the SAP Center in San Jose. German businessman Hasso Plattner runs it.