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SAS Braathens: Brand overview

SAS Braathens, founded in 2004, is a Norwegian airline that is a subsidiary of the renowned Scandinavian Airlines (SAS). The creation of SAS Braathens was due to SAS’ acquisition of the Norwegian carrier Braathens and its subsequent merger with SAS’ existing operations in Norway. The merger created an airline with the largest share of the Norwegian domestic market.

SAS Braathens, with a significant fleet of Boeing and Bombardier aircraft, served an extensive network of routes within Norway and to various European destinations, with its main operations based at Oslo Airport.

However, in 2007, the SAS parent company underwent a significant structural reorganization, as a result of which SAS Braathens was incorporated into the Scandinavian Airlines group. This marked the demise of the SAS Braathens brand, which had existed for three years.

Despite its short existence, SAS Braathens was quite influential in its time. The airline, which employed more than 2,000 people and carried around 7 million passengers annually within Norway, made a significant contribution to the development of SAS in the Norwegian market in the mid-2000s, preceding the subsequent consolidation under a single brand.

SAS Braathens’ journey provides a glimpse into the evolution of Scandinavian Airlines, in particular how it has expanded through acquisitions and mergers with regional carriers such as Braathens over the years.

Meaning and History

SAS Braathens Logo History

2004 – 2007

SAS Braathens Logo

SAS Braathens airline used a logo containing its name before being renamed SAS Scandinavian Airlines Norge. The wordmark was visually divided into two parts. One side had the white letters “SAS” against a blue rectangle, and the other had the gray-brown lettering “BRAATHENS” in a font with vertically elongated glyphs. Their combination brought variety to the emblem.

The contrast between the blue rectangle and the gray-brown text created a dynamic interaction, providing visual interest and making the emblem more memorable. The use of vertically elongated glyphs for the “BRAATHENS” lettering also helped to increase the recognizability of the emblem, differentiating it from the simpler “SAS” representation.