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Satinique Logo

Satinique Logo
Satinique Logo PNG

Satinique is a line of premium products for maintaining hair beauty and strength. It is based on a patented technology – an innovative discovery that regenerates strands and makes them six times silky. The collection belongs to the American chain company Amway, located in the city of Ada, Michigan.

Meaning and History

Satinique Symbol

The brand received its distinctive mark simultaneously with the launch of the same name series. Its logo includes both text and graphics. Their totality is a unique visual identity where everything is balanced. During the existence of the trademark, the logo has never changed.

The emblem consists of the name of the care products – a word denoting increased hair smoothness. Lowercase letters have a wide inter-character breakdown, a clear structure, so they are immediately understandable and readable. To the right of Satinique is the original badge. It is a stylized strand of hair, which is executed in three-wide strokes of a wavy shape. There is a large drop above them. The corporate logo has another interpretation: it is a part of plants, indicating the natural origin of cosmetics.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Satinique Emblem

To designate the word “Satinique” in the emblem, a grotesque typeface is used – chopped, smooth, sans serif. Thin letters are uppercase. According to the concept, the “Q” symbol carries the main meaning: it is an image of a hair follicle. The color palette is modest and consists of black (text, graphics) and white (background).