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Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS): Brand overview

Founded:1 August 1946
Founder:SAS Group
Solna, Stockholm, Sweden
Scandinavian Airlines System, commonly known as SAS, is the national airline of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, with its main headquarters located in Stockholm. Founded in 1946, SAS is one of the oldest airlines operating, launching its services in 1948.

The airline maintains a comprehensive network covering various regions in Europe, Scandinavia, and Asia. Its primary operational hubs are Copenhagen, Oslo, and Stockholm airports. As of 2023, the SAS fleet boasts an array of Airbus A320 family aircraft, along with A330s and A350s, primarily used for long-distance routes.

SAS’s service extends to over 100 destinations encompassing Europe, the United States, and Asia, including metropolises such as London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, and Beijing. SAS was among the founding members of the Star Alliance, standing alongside major airlines like United and Lufthansa.

SAS operates under a hybrid low-cost model, offering several service classes, including SAS Go, Plus, and Business. The airline is principally owned by the governments of Sweden (14.8%) and Denmark (14.2%), while private investors hold a majority stake of 71%.

SAS’s unique livery and logo, featuring the Scandinavian flags, are among the most iconic in the aviation industry. Despite facing economic challenges in the past, SAS has made significant strides to regain stability through rigorous restructuring and cost-cutting measures.

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Cosmic CobaltHex color:#2b3087
RGB:43 48 135
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Pantone:PMS 2756 C