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A bright Scavolini logo perfectly conveys identity on a visual level. It stands out due to the refined elongated name and bold, expressive colors. This concept reflects progressiveness and passion, as well as a high level of reliability and professionalism. These features have been constant characteristics of Scavolini throughout their existence. For this reason, the logo has not changed since its foundation. Despite this, it is still relevant today.

Scavolini: Brand overview

Founder:Valter and Elvino Scavolini
Montelabbata, Italy

Scavolini is one of the world’s best manufacturers producing furniture for various purposes. Initially, the brand produced functional and reliable interior items for kitchens and later began to produce bathroom furniture and various accessories. At the moment, the main office of the company is located in Montelabbata (Italy).

Scavolini is a shining example of a brand that develops at a fast pace and tries to be useful to local people. At various times the company has sponsored the region’s basketball team, participated in organizing an opera festival, and created a special fund to support cultural initiatives. In addition, it is known for its unique series of kitchen furniture, which includes convenient elements for people with disabilities.

Meaning and History

Scavolini Symbol

The manufacturer’s management was initially focused on success and major achievements, so they approved an incredibly energetic logo with a confident inscription. Active development and progressiveness were emphasized at the coloring level, while the minimalistic word mark expressed the solid status of the brand. The brand mark very clearly described the main message of Scavolini, so it did not succumb to changes for over 50 years. It can be seen in the company’s products even today.

The official opening of Scavolini took place in 1961. It was a small family business founded by two brothers. Elvino and Walter Scavolini started in an artisan workshop, but in the 70s, the company expanded its commercial network and reached a higher level. Later on, things worked out in the best way. The brand received quality certifications and also established deliveries to the international market.

What is Scavolini?

Scavolini is a large Italian company that specializes in the production of furniture. The brand produces quality bathroom accessories, kitchen appliances, and functional accessories. The brand also launched an eco-project, Scavolini Green Mind, which involves the use of photovoltaic cells. A wide range of Scavolini products is presented in more than 50 countries.

From its founding until today, it has used the same logo. The trademark is a simple, concise picture that includes one element – the company’s name. The absence of unnecessary details does not make it too mediocre. On the contrary, the such design emphasizes the well-known manufacturer and its leading position in the market.

Thanks to its high-tech developments with quality certificates, Scavolini was able to enter the list of the largest companies in the field of furniture production. This goal has been part of the strategy from the beginning, so in the following years, the logo has only confirmed its realization. In addition to ambitious plans, the picture shows respect for Italian roots.

This is reflected in the harmonious layout, the traditional colors, as well as the creative font, emphasizing the subtle sense of beauty inherent to all Italians. In the logo, you can also notice a pronounced play of contrasts. It can be seen in the choice of dramatically different colors for the background and central element. This makes the Scavolini logo quite catchy, which contributes to the recognizability of the company’s visual image.

Font and Colors

Scavolini Emblem

The Scavolini logo is a true expression of Italian style and fidelity to a single strategy. There is only one element – the name. But it could fully convey all the information the company wanted to bring to its customers. The basis of this message was creativity, professionalism, comfort, and confidence.

This is how you can characterize the company as a whole and its products, which are becoming more and more perfect over the years. The description is perfectly reflected in the Rika Bold style font. In it, you can notice smooth lines, rounded shapes, alternation of thick and thin outlines, and non-sharp cuts. Small gaps are visible between the letters, which improves readability. The coloring of the logo is chosen by traditional Italian design.

Its main feature is the presence of a rich red color, which symbolizes passion, strength, energy, and vitality. This is the production approach used by Scavolini. The bright background is complemented by the white color that was used for the letters. It completes the list of meanings, demonstrating the manufacturer’s responsibility and honesty.

Scavolini color codes

Fire Engine RedHex color:#cc2129
RGB:204 33 41
CMYK:0 84 80 20
Pantone:PMS 485 C