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A halo of special stellar fragrances hovers over the company logo. The Scentsy logo evokes the beauty, freshness, and unique individual style that perfume products give.

Scentsy: Brand overview

Founder:Kara Egan, Colette Gunnell
Meridian, Idaho, United States
Scentsy manufactures a wide range of fragrance products, including wax and burners to melt it, as well as oils, diffusers, air fresheners, car fragrances, home, and body sprays. In addition, the range includes animal care products, household chemicals, and cosmetics with bright plant fragrances. The choice of scents is very wide – from aloe and cucumber to snow-covered spruce. But the main thing in the company’s work is its business model, built on a multi-level marketing system. This means that all sales are conducted through specially hired consultants.

Meaning and History

Scentsy Symbol

Colette Gunnell and Kara Egan founded Scentsy in 2003 and a year later sold their small business to loser entrepreneur Orville Thompson. The new owner and his wife moved the headquarters to Idaho and changed the sales system, focusing on recruiting consultants. As a result, he increased annual income, entered foreign markets, and brought the company to several prestigious ratings.

From a humble basement venture, Scentsy has evolved into one of the world’s leading retailers. The first marketing materials for the brand were developed by Ann Dalton Design Inc. – ScentsySuccess. In 2008, the manufacturer of aromatic products bought the organization and incorporated it into its structure. Therefore, all elements of visual identification were created by the company’s designers without the involvement of third-party specialists.

The current logo system was adopted in 2015, a year after Lyndsey Randolph took over as Creative Director. The Thompsons saw her as someone who could rebrand to reflect Scentsy’s valuable heritage. The styling update was timed to coincide with the Scentsy Family Reunion event.

During the first decade, the inscription on the main logo was made in the bold and unusual Sister Frisky typeface. Later, a symbol in the form of a seal appeared, which adorned all types of products. He served as the basis for the new wordmark Scentsy: the name of the company with three five-pointed stars at the top. The word is written in thin sans serif type, and the stars are arranged in the form of a miniature arch, with the central geometric figure almost twice as large as the side ones.

Logos have been developed especially for independent consultants that can be used as promotional materials. The most complex version contains the stylized word “Scentsy,” written in an imitation handwritten font. Above it is a mini-constellation, and the free space at the bottom is occupied by the phrase “INDEPENDENT CONSULTANT,” divided into two lines. All elements are enclosed in an octagonal frame.

Font and Colors

Scentsy Emblem

The Independent Consultant logo typeface was created in 2015 by graphic designer Laura Worthington, who has turned her passion for typography into a business. This is a custom character set called Scentsy Spirit, a model of balance and consistency. It was developed based on another Worthington font, Voltage. The CEO of a fragrance company noticed that Voltage resembled the typeface of the old Scentsy wordmark. Laura has redesigned the design to match the lettering to the client’s wishes.

All other letterings in the logos use a modern font based on Mister Eaves. This is a modified version of the subtle sans serif previously seen in Scentsy’s lyrics and headings.

A varied typography system is contrasted with a simple color scheme. It includes only three shades: purple (# 59315F), white (#FFFFFF) and black (# 000000). Company logos can be painted in any of these colors, but purple is the priority.

Scentsy color codes

PurpleHex color:#59315f
RGB:89 49 95
CMYK:6 48 0 63
Pantone:PMS 2622 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C