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The emblem draws an analogy between an outstanding printing master who improved technology and a unique wheat beer recipe that diversified the usual beer taste. In both cases, the result was impressive, as reflected in the Schofferhofer logo.

Schofferhofer: Brand overview

Founder:Radeberger Group
Schofferhofer is a German brand of wheat beer, including various flavors (pomegranate, grapefruit, orange), which are indicated on the label and elements of the identity. The beer company of the same name appeared in 1978 in Mainz, in the house where the great German printer Peter Schöffer once lived and worked. In his honor, the beer brand was named because he revolutionized brewing, just as the typographer himself had modernized all printing. The brewery now produces in Frankfurt and is owned by the Radeberger Group, a corporation of several beers and soft drink producers.

Meaning and History

Schofferhofer Symbol

Despite being a young brand, it is closely linked to the history of Germany because, in the beginning, its production part was based in a building once occupied by a great German figure – Peter Schöffer (1425-1503). He was a book printer, an odious figure who made an enormous contribution to German cultural and economic life. As an outstanding specialist, he made a breakthrough in typography. And it is just as Schofferhofer revolutionized wheat beer.

Its beverage became a new reference point in German brewing culture, representing a recipe innovation. At every turn, the brand emphasizes the parallel between itself and the printer who invented the typeface for the first Bible published in Europe and suggested a considerable number of progressive typographic techniques. The brewery, too, developed the latest flavors, producing an original brew infused with the earth’s energy, water, fire, and air.

Schofferhofer wheat beer is brewed in the spirit of Peter Schöffer, which is reflected in the logo. Not only is the brand named after the medieval innovator, but also the house where he once lived. Before the master’s arrival, it was called Humbrechthof, and after his arrival, it was renamed Schöfferhof. As a result, the beer, which appeared outside Bavaria, also bears the imprint of historical traditions and cultures, but only in a different way – not conservative, but alternative.

The logo of German brewery Schofferhofer naturally depicts its iconic character Peter Schöffer. The legendary book printer takes center stage in a large circle against a background of brown and white stripes. He is positioned in full-face, so he is looking straight ahead. The portrait looks very original because half of the typographer’s head and neck are dark with light strokes, while the other half is light with dark lines. The line separating them runs vertically, exactly in the middle.

To the right and left of the main circle are two smaller circles. They represent typography elements, in honor of the invention of Schöffer, who designed the typography for the first Bible printed in Europe. All three circles have wide border rings. The central one bears the full name of the printer: “Peter Schöffer von Gernsheim.” Under the sign is the name of the beer brand, made in gothic style. This is emphasized by the monochrome, the whimsical curves, the pointed ends, and the symbols reminiscent of knives with a long blade (in particular, the letter “f”).

Font and Colors

Schofferhofer Emblem

To convey its beer brand’s unorthodoxy and historical heritage, the company chose a gothic typeface with elongated letters. They are pointed at the ends and have thin white lines on the right side. The color palette of the emblem echoes the shade of the beer, so it is designed in brown and gold tones. The monochrome style is preserved in the inscription, consisting of black and white letters.

Schofferhofer color codes

CornsilkHex color:#f8f3d8
RGB:248 243 216
CMYK:0 2 13 3
Pantone:PMS 7485 C
Light French BeigeHex color:#ad9c73
RGB:173 156 115
CMYK:0 10 34 32
Pantone:PMS 7503 C
Caput MortuumHex color:#5d3324
RGB:93 51 36
CMYK:0 45 61 64
Pantone:PMS 175 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C