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The Scion logo promises high performance and endurance. In the sharp lines of the emblem, a stylish, eye-catching body reminiscent of cars of the future, compactness, and the ability to fly along the roads like lightning is encrypted.

Scion: Brand overview

Founded:2003 – February 3, 2016
Torrance, California, U.S
Toyota has had a Scion brand focused on small cars in the past. He entered the market in 2003 and did his best to attract the attention of millennials. Especially for Generation Y, engineers developed compact sports cars, the main advantages of which were high power, modern design, and a relatively low price. Viral advertising techniques have helped popularize the brand among the target demographic. But Scion’s glory did not last long. In 2016, the parent company was forced to close the brand because the demand for cars fell sharply, and the attempt to update the line with niche models did not bring the expected results.

Meaning and History

Scion Logo History

Scion cars were sold only in the USA and Canada – they did not have time to enter the markets of other countries. Therefore, their logo is not as well-known as that of the same Toyota company. Its central element is the stylized letter “S,” which resembles a Japanese shuriken. Associations with throwing weapons arise from the characteristic curved shape and the cold metallic luster. Moreover, the division into two shades gives the impression of two edges of a sharpened blade.

The designers have placed the first letter of the brand name in the center to emphasize its importance. This word comes from the Old French language: “cion” and “sion” is translated as “twig” or “shoot.” In English, it is used to mean “descendant.” That is, the Scion brand is a descendant of Toyota. And the owners of his cars are millennials, descendants of the previous generation.

What is Scion?

Scion is a former subsidiary of the automotive giant Toyota. The company was founded in 2003. Its headquarters were located in Torrance, California. She produced cars for the youth segment. In 2016, the company was disbanded.

To show the importance of the name, the designers duplicated the full version on a horizontal strip that connects the two sides of the outer ring. Remarkably, the ring is not round but oval – the same as on the Toyota logo. The apparent similarity of the logos speaks of the connection between the parent company and its subsidiary brand.

Scion Symbol

The ellipse has an uneven thickness: it is narrower at the top and bottom than on the sides. The crossbar does not blend into the ring like the curly elements on the Toyota emblem. It is separated on the right and left by a thin gray stripe. This enhances the 3D effect that is created with wide paths and linear gradients.
The curved “S,” where the brand nameplate is superimposed, has an unusual design. It looks like two dorsal fins of a shark peeking out from under the water. In this case, the symbolism of the emblem becomes even wider than it seems at first glance. The image can indicate high speed, dynamism, movement. This is a hint that Scion cars are the fastest and most agile. The two sides of the “S” also resemble a road leading to the horizon.

Font and Colors

Scion Emblem

The creators of the Scion logo did not limit themselves to standard typography – they went beyond the generally accepted boundaries. They came up with their lettering design with thin elongated sans serif letters. Later, based on this design, the founder of Type Innovations developed a whole family of fonts called Scion. He exactly repeated the proportions of the original.

The color palette imitates a metallic sheen, so the emblem looks like a real sign adorning car radiators. Dark and light shades of gray are successfully combined using contrasting transitions and a smooth gradient. Against their background, a black inscription stands out – the “star” of the logo.

Scion color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C

What does the Scion logo mean?

The logo features an oval with a vertical winding stripe and the automaker’s name in the middle. The wavy line is assumed to be the stylized S, the first letter of the company name. It is also believed to be a shark fin.

Is Scion a Toyota?

Yes, cars under the Scion brand are manufactured by the Japanese company Toyota. However, in 2016, it liquidated its subsidiary, located in the United States, and began producing these machines under other brands.

What does Scion the car mean?

Scion cars are meant to drive and drive because they were aimed at consumers in the youth segment. They also had the technical capabilities for drifting and high-speed driving. The name meant “heir” or “descendant of the family.”

Why is Scion discontinued?

The Scion brand was liquidated due to the loss of its target audience. Young people were more willing to buy cars under the Toyota brand than Scion. As a result, management abolished the division and integrated all models into its core product line.