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Like tenacious tentacles, the team’s sticks hold the puck and confidently lead it to the net. The Seattle Kraken logo proves to everyone that the enemy has nowhere to go because there can only be one king on the ice, and this is the Kraken.

Seattle Kraken: Brand overview

Seattle Kraken is a young American professional ice hockey team formed in 2021. It appeared as a Seattle expansion on a proposal by the Seattle Hockey Partners. At the end of 2018, the National Hockey League granted the city such a right. They decided to take advantage of David Bonderman, Jerry Bruckheimer, and Tod Leiwke, who founded a new hockey club. And Ron Francis was appointed to lead it. The team’s first performance will occur in the 2021-2022 season as a Western Conference member of the Pacific Division.

Meaning and History

Seattle Kraken Logo History

Professional ice hockey began in Seattle a long time ago. Its roots go back to the founding of the PCHA (Pacific Coast Hockey Association) in the first half of the 20th century. The Metropolitans became the first American team to win the Stanley Cup (1917). However, in 1924 they resigned. From 1944 to 1975, the Seattle Totems played in the WHL (Western Hockey League). Later, due to the instability of the organization’s position, the club’s sports activities did not receive further development.

Then, due to the inability to accumulate the necessary amount for funding, failure to meet deadlines, and poor performance of the 1924 expansion teams (Washington Capitals and Kansas City Scouts) in Seattle, the appearance of a hockey club was delayed for a long time. Later, interested representatives lost in a tender to acquire the Pittsburgh Penguins to move the team to the city. After Abbey’s bankruptcy, the WHL committee canceled the franchise altogether.

In December 2018, the Western Hockey League approved the proposal to allow Seattle to get its hockey club. In the summer of 2020, the final name of the team was approved—Kraken. Professional players will perform at the Climate Pledge Arena.

What is Seattle Kraken?

Seattle Kraken is an American professional-grade ice hockey team, the application submitted back in 2019. It appeared in 2021 after two years of agreement and approval from the NHL. The team stands for the Pacific Division and is part of the Western Conference. Her first playing season is 2021-2022. Home Stadium – Climate Pledge Arena. It is based in Seattle, Washington state.

2018 – 2020

Seattle Logo 2018-2020

The preliminary identification of the franchise consisted of the city name. It was handwritten in fluent, sweeping handwriting—oblique letters combined with uppercase and lowercase. For “S,” the upper loop is larger than the lower one, both “t” are united by one crossbar, and at the bottom of “l,” there is an underline in the form of a long rectangular stroke with sharp points. The color of the emblem is coral red on a white background.

2020 – today

Seattle Kraken Logo 2020-present

The final version of the name and logo was approved in July 2020. At the same time, they were made public. For the team sign, the designers chose the letter “S,” stylizing it simultaneously under several images: a wave, tentacles, a seahorse, and a part of an anchor.

The symbol consists of three fragments that blend harmoniously into one another. This is facilitated by the inner light stripes, which form a three-dimensional forked figure against a dark background. The 3D effect arises due to an overlaying of colors: on the one hand, blue is used, and on the other – cyan. This combination adds volume to the logo.

Between the dark and light sides, an elongated red petal is hidden in the folds of the upper part. This is the eye of the Kraken, which secretly spies on opponents and intimidates them, acting hypnotically. But it is also a bird’s wing, visible in the black curves.

Seattle Kraken: Interesting Facts

The Seattle Kraken is the latest team to join the National Hockey League (NHL), bringing professional ice hockey back to Seattle, a city with a strong hockey background. The team has sparked excitement among fans and introduced a new vibe to the NHL.

  1. First Season: The Kraken’s first season was in 2021-2022, making them the 32nd team in the league. This was the NHL’s second recent expansion after the Vegas Golden Knights joined in 2017.
  2. Why “Kraken”?: The name comes from a mythical sea monster, reflecting the maritime culture and mystery of the Pacific Northwest. It symbolizes the team’s strength and unpredictability.
  3. Home Arena: They play at Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle, the world’s first net zero carbon certified arena. This aligns with a commitment to environmental responsibility.
  4. First Draft Pick: Matty Beniers was their first draft pick, signaling a new era for Seattle hockey.
  5. Logo and Colors: The logo and colors pay homage to Seattle’s original hockey team, the Metropolitans, and the area’s natural beauty. Shades of blue represent the sea and sky, plus a touch of red.
  6. Fan Excitement: The reveal of the team’s name, logo, and colors drew huge interest, with merchandise selling fast.
  7. Debut Game: Their first game was against the Vegas Golden Knights on October 12, 2021, marking the newest NHL team’s debut.
  8. Community Efforts: The Kraken is active in community work, focusing on youth hockey, sustainability, and social equity.
  9. Diversity in Hiring: The team has made significant moves, such as hiring Cammi Granato, one of the NHL’s first female pro scouts, who is committed to diversity.
  10. Mascot: Their mascot, Buoy, is a sea troll inspired by localBuoyends. He quickly became beloved by fans.

The Seattle Kraken’s entrance into the NHL brings a fresh team to the league, a commitment to sustainability and community involvement, and an exciting identity that promises to make them a key player in professional hockey and a proud part of Seattle’s community.

Font and Colors

Seattle Kraken Emblem

The debut logo was preliminary. It consisted of the city’s name and the location of the expansion franchise. This was intentional, so the management thought through the graphic image concept and chose a decent option. In 2020, the final version was approved. It represents a symbiosis of text and graphics because “S” is the first letter of the club’s name and the vehicle of its concept: a formidable sea monster.

In addition to the personal symbol, the team has an inscription. It is arranged in two rows: at the top, an arched word “Seattle,” and at the bottom – a large “Kraken.” A non-standard typeface was used, close to Buncken Tech Sans but with diagonal notches and rounded corners. The second part uses a designer typeface reminiscent of Ravenholm and Cattedrale, with some individual adjustments.

Seattle Kraken Symbol

The hockey team emblem’s signature palette combines Deep Sea Blue, Red Alert, and several shades of blue—Ice Blue, Boundless Blue, and Shadow Blue.


What does the Seattle Kraken mascot mean?

The team’s mascot, Buoy, represents local culture and mythical intrigue. Buoy frequently interacts with the Pacific Northwest community and is depicted as the nephew of the Fremont Troll, a famous local sculpture. This connection illustrates the mascot’s role in introducing the team to Seattle culture.

Buoy was created in honor of the Kraken, a mythical sea monster believed to live in the waters of Norway and Greenland. The mascot’s name and signature “hockey stream of hair” hairstyle reflect the oceanic and mythical themes associated with the Kraken, adding a mystical element to its appearance.

What does the anchor mean on the Seattle Kraken logo?

The logo features an anchor, which carries deep symbolism associated with maritime traditions and the city of Seattle. An anchor symbolizes safety and stability, representing a haven at the journey’s end. This symbol is especially important to Seattle, which is known for its maritime history.

What does Kraken mean in Seattle?

In Seattle, “Kraken” refers to the city’s NHL hockey team, which adopted the name. The Kraken, a legendary sea monster known for its size and strength, fits well with Seattle’s coastal setting and rich maritime history. By choosing the Kraken as their mascot, the team promotes the spirit of fierce competition and sustainability, making the Kraken a powerful symbol of Seattle sports culture.

What is the Kraken logo?

The logo features a mythical sea monster inspired by folklore, making it a fitting emblem for a hockey team. It is shaped like the letter “S” for Seattle and features a sea monster wrapping around the letter. This design combines the sport’s dynamic and flowing nature with the aquatic theme of the Kraken.

The logo’s signature feature is a red eye in the center, surrounded by what appear to be tentacles. This red eye adds a sense of danger and tension, enhancing the logo’s menacing and powerful appearance. The use of black outlines around the design further emphasizes these features.

Is Seattle Kraken a real team?

Yes, the Seattle Kraken is a real hockey team. They officially joined the National Hockey League (NHL) in 2021 and competed in the Western Conference Pacific Division. The team is based in Seattle and began its inaugural season in the 2021-2022 NHL season. The Kraken plays its home games at the Climate Pledge Arena in downtown Seattle.

What is the Seattle Kraken logo supposed to be?

The logo is designed to evoke fear, mystery, and danger, fitting for a team named after the legendary sea monster, the Kraken. Folklore describes the Kraken as terrifying creatures that drag ships into the ocean’s depths, drowning their crews. The team’s logo features this terrifying image shaped like the letter “S,” with powerful tentacles and a chilling eye. These elements enhance the Kraken’s menacing atmosphere. This design ties the team’s personality to a mythical creature, symbolizing strength and intimidation.