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The brand name containing the Sennheiser logo reflects the name of its creator, demonstrating boundless respect for him. The symbolic sign – a stylized letter S – enhances this effect. The entire identity symbolizes German stability and reliability.

Sennheiser: Brand overview

Founded:1 June 1945
Founder:Fritz Sennheiser
Wedemark, Hanover Region, Lower Saxony, Germany
Sennheiser is a dynamically developing brand belonging to the German audio company Sennheiser Electronic GmbH & Co. KG. The parent company was founded in 1945. Until 1958, it was called Labor W.

Meaning and History

Sennheiser Logo History

The brand is named after its creator, businessman, and inventor, Fritz Sennheiser. His surname is displayed on the logo. In the 1980s, it was written in bold, blocky blue font. The uneven thickness of the lines looked bright and unusual. To the left of the word was a graphic sign in the form of a stylized letter “S,” placed inside a rectangle.

On April 25, 2017, the Sennheiser Globe team reissued the existing emblem at that time. The head of the department, Oliver Berger, noted that the new design became more elegant and modern. This is an evolution of the brand style, which remains true to the company’s historical roots. The first product with the updated logo was the model HE 1.

What is Sennheiser?

Sennheiser is a German manufacturer of audio equipment for professional and home use. The company was founded in 1945 and began with the production of microphones. Later, it expanded and started producing various types of headphones, gaming and aviation headsets, amplifiers, and speakers. All devices are known for their high-quality sound, making them popular among broadcasters, sound engineers, and musicians.

1945 – 1958

Laboratorium Wennebostel Logo 1945-1958

The debut logo featured the words “Labor W” – the company’s name at the time. In full, it sounded like “Laboratorium Wennebostel”. The second word referred to the German village where the creators of Sennheiser lived and worked for some time. The inscription was placed inside a white rectangle with a black frame and two wavy lines on each side. This graphics symbolized a microcircuit, as Labor W produced voltmeters.

1958 – 1982

Sennheiser Logo 1958-1982

In 1958, the brand was named after its creator, Sennheiser Electronic. Then, it also got a logo with the corresponding inscription. The first word was at the top and consisted of uppercase printed symbols. The designers used a handwritten font for the second, which was placed slightly below and written in lowercase letters. The image of the microcircuit remained, but the developers moved it under the text and decorated it with a stylized letter “S” in the form of a zigzag.

1982 – 2017

Sennheiser Logo 1982-2017

For the next 35 years, the company used a blue emblem with the inscription “SENNHEISER.” The microcircuit was no longer there – it was replaced by a rectangle with the letter “S” inside.

2017 – today

Sennheiser Logo 2017-present

In 2017, designers from the Sennheiser Globe Design Team transformed the logo. They didn’t change anything – just slightly stretched the letters and changed the color because the chosen concept was already successful. The stylized letter “S” now merges with the rectangle’s frame.

Sennheiser: Interesting Facts

Sennheiser is a company from Germany that makes good headphones, microphones, and other sound stuff. It started right after World War II in 1945 by a guy named Dr. Fritz Sennheiser and his engineer friends.

  1. Starting Small: Dr. Fritz Sennheiser and his buddies began the company in a small house in Germany. They first made a voltmeter but soon started making microphones and became a big name in sound.
  2. Making Better Microphones: Sennheiser made some early microphones that became popular because they sounded great. Since then, they’ve made many new microphone types, like one that is good for movies and TV.
  3. Wireless Microphones: In 1957, Sennheiser made the first wireless microphone, changing how live shows and TV could work because people didn’t have to use cables anymore.
  4. Headphones for Music Fans: The HD 414 headphones came out in 1968 and were the first to let sound in and out, making music more natural. They sold millions of these.
  5. 3D Sound: Sennheiser also works on binaural audio, which means recording sound so it feels like you’re right there where it was recorded. They made a special headset that lets you do this with your phone.
  6. Winning Awards: They’ve won many awards for their innovative and high-quality products, including an Emmy and an award from the movie People for their microphones.
  7. Still a Family Business: Even though Sennheiser is known worldwide, it’s still run by the Sennheiser family, with the founder’s grandson now in charge.
  8. Lots of Different Products: Sennheiser makes all kinds of sound gear for music or movies, pilots, and even for improving phone calls.

Sennheiser has been all about improving sound, from making the first wireless microphone to creating headphones that let you hear music like you’re there live. They keep developing new ideas and are still run by the same family that started it.

Font and Colors

Sennheiser Emblem

The current version of the trademark differs from the previous one only in minor details. Now, the letters in the word “Sennheiser” are not as bold as before. The narrow font has its advantages: it improves readability and makes the inscription aesthetically appealing. The corporate symbol has also changed: the letter “S” has become smooth, without sharp lines and corners. All elements are colored in black and depicted on a white background.

Sennheiser Symbol

The Sennheiser emblem has always been black and white, except for 35 years when designers made the main elements blue. Monochrome reflects the stability, seriousness, and reliability of the German manufacturer.

Sennheisers color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C