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The Shimano logo is powerful and confident. The emblem demonstrates the strong position of the manufacturer. The values and beliefs that are the company’s foundation help it grow and develop for many years.

Shimano: Brand overview

Founded:February 1921
Founder:Shozaburo Shimano
Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture, Japan

Shimano is a Japanese company that recently celebrated its centennial. It offers bicycle components, fishing gear, and boating equipment. Its products are available worldwide, with 41% of sales in Europe. Manufacturing facilities are located in Malaysia and Singapore, employing 13,000 people.

Meaning and History

Shimano Logo History

The company’s visual symbol has undergone several transformations to emphasize its unique approach and growth in scale. However, the logo has always been associated with the Shimano name. Interestingly, the writing style and font of the name were chosen right after the first rebranding in 1965, and all subsequent emblem updates remained constant.

What is Shimano?

A large Japanese conglomerate with representatives in 30 countries and dealers in 100. The company develops and sells bicycle parts, fishing accessories, and rowing gear under 20 brands. The corporation’s turnover is $3.5 billion.

before 1965

Shimano Logo before 1965

The company’s first known logo consisted of the name written in cursive, connected through lower letter connections.

The emblem resembled a bicycle chain, for which the manufacturer made sprockets with speed shifting, connected by a hub (ratchet). Production began with this complex part.

The corporation’s name comes from the founder’s surname. It was Shozaburo Shimano who helped the company grow from a small room with a single machine to the Shimano Iron Works factory with 300 workers in the 1940s. He dedicated his life to it and died, leaving behind a thriving firm.

The black color of the emblem symbolizes bicycle parts lubricant.

1965 – 1990s

Shimano Logo 1965

1990s – 2000s

Shimano Logo 1990s

before 2020

Shimano Logo before 2020

2020 – present

Shimano Logo

In addition to numerous branches in various countries, a technology innovation center was opened in 2020. The corporation’s progress was marked by rebranding. The modern symbol consists of separate capital letters of the name, underlined by three merged lines: green, blue, and dark blue.

The name is still associated with the surname. However, now the logo pays tribute to both the founder and the current director, Yozo Shimano, who plays a key role in the life of the modern conglomerate. The emblem also represents previous family members since Yozo is the fifth in the family to hold the president’s chair. Despite the public listing of shares, the company’s management is practically handed down through inheritance.

The triple underline symbolizes:

  • Three areas of activity. Green – bicycle components, blue – fishing products, and dark blue – canoeing gear.
  • Values that underpin the corporation’s development: eco-friendliness, innovation, and professionalism.
  • Nature. The green color in the logo symbolizes grass and leaves, active pursuits amid greenery and beauty. Blue represents fresh air, socializing, and gatherings, shared outdoor activities. Dark blue is associated with water. The company aims to strengthen people’s health and bring happiness to their lives through contact with nature and interaction with each other.

Three components allow the corporation to grow and develop.

Font and Colors

The logo uses various shades of blue and light green. Each carries a deep semantic meaning.

  • Blue – professional execution of work, thoughtfulness, and logic.
  • Light blue – development, research, innovation. Striving to reach a high bar.
  • Green – growth, strength, life energy. The company, like a living organism, constantly changes.

The font used for the inscription is FF Motel Gothic Std Regular with smooth rounded letters.

Shimano color codes

Kelly GreenHex color:#6fbd17
RGB:111 189 23
CMYK:41 0 88 26
Pantone:PMS 802 C
Rich Electric BlueHex color:#0199dc
RGB:1 153 220
CMYK:100 30 0 14
Pantone:PMS 801 C
Imperial BlueHex color:#002891
RGB:0 40 145
CMYK:100 72 0 43
Pantone:PMS Dark Blue C