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Shiseido Logo

Shiseido Logo
Shiseido Logo PNG

Shiseido Company, Limited is one of the oldest companies in the world beauty segment. She is engaged in the production of decorative cosmetics, perfumery, hair, and skincare products. The founder of the brand is the former chief pharmacist of the Imperial Japanese Navy – Arinobu Fukuhara. He opened a company in 1872. Its headquarters are still located in Tokyo (Japan). The trademark entered the US market in 1965.

Meaning and History

Shiseido Logo History
Evolution of the Shiseido Logo

Shiseido has a rich past, a successful present, and a promising future, clearly seen in its logo. It contains a variety of elements – from classic to stylized. The central detail is the brand name, decorated originally. Moreover, the brand has two emblems, and both of them are relevant.

1990 – 2016

Shiseido Logo 1990-2016

The logo contains the word “Shiseido” in subtle crimson and lilac characters. Since it does not have a single graphic part, the designers emphasized the two “S.” The symbol is elongated and tilted to the right. The first letter is larger than the others, and its right end goes to the adjacent “h.”

2016 – present

Shiseido Logo 2016-present

The developers have made the next option more expressive. To do this, they thickened the lines of the letters and changed their color to bright red.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Shiseido Emblem

Both logos feature the company name, and an equally curved “S.” They appeared with the brand in the 90s.

The typeface with the “Shiseido” inscription belongs to the individual typefaces. Only the letters “S” is stylized, and the rest of the characters are written in a classic grotesque – they are smooth and sans serif. The color palette contains red and dark crimson with a purple tint.

Shiseido Symbol