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The SikSilk logo is sleek and graceful. The emblem encodes the ease of movement, the cut to the figure, and the unique style. Clothing brings gigabytes of beauty to the streets and makes streetwear more presentable.

SikSilk: Brand overview

Founded: 2012
United Kingdom
SikSilk is a young brand representing trendy urban and sporty clothing. Produces men’s T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, pants, trousers, shorts—the company founded in the UK in 2012.

Meaning and History

SikSilk Symbol

The brand is inspired by the best athletes in the world, as well as casual street style. This combination can be seen in everything related to the British clothing manufacturer. He is also guided by refined elegance, combining sports with city streets with surprising ease.

This principle also applies to corporate identity, in which individual dynamics transforms into a modern rhythm of life. The young company chose an extraordinary logo: an old-style monogram with handwritten letters and thin curved lines.

As a new brand focused on a sports environment, it looks unusual, evoking a sense of retro elegance. At the same time, the label attracts attention and effectively stands out from the rest.

Font and Colors

SikSilk Emblem

The SikSilk graphic symbol is composed of the symbols that go into its name. The letters are written in italics, as closely as possible, resembling sweeping handwriting. They are decorated in a figured monogram, where two “S” are visible. It also has an impromptu “I,” the outlines of the “L” are guessed. This combination of an outdated emblem with an ultra-modern concept creates a unique image with a characteristic entourage.

The color palette of the logo is monochrome. Moreover, black and white sometimes change places, acting either as a background or as a graphic sign. Another option is in use – white and gold. In this case, the letters are placed on a dark substrate and outlined with a thin red line. This emblem is used in contrast to casual youth clothing.

SikSilk color codes

Black Hex color: #000000
RGB: 0 0 0
CMYK: 0 0 0 100
Pantone: PMS Process Black C