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Although the Sitka logo doesn’t contain obvious images, it is still associated with hunting gear produced by the American company. The geometric abstraction creates a sense of lightness and movement. These qualities are linked to the comfort necessary for those who spend a lot of time outdoors in the wild.

Sitka: Brand overview

Sitka was initially a project by Jason Hairston, who, in his youth, played for the San Francisco 49ers but left his sports career after a spinal injury. The former NFL linebacker, together with Jonathan Hart, started a business selling hunting gear in 2005. The idea came to him a year earlier when an attempt to hunt moose in the White Cloud Mountains turned into an exhausting trek. Camouflage made of cheap cotton and polyester was not adapted to snow or scorching sun, and Hairston regretted not wearing his mountaineering suit. He realized that hunters lacked technologies developed for mountain sports. The ex-football player and his friend mortgaged their homes to start producing hunting clothing. Their company quickly became profitable, and in 2010, it was acquired by W. L. Gore & Associates Inc.

Meaning and History

Sitka Symbol

The company was named after the eponymous city on Baranof Island, which is part of Alaska. The word “Sitka” literally means “People on the Outside of Baranof Island.” Perhaps the hunting gear manufacturer chose this name because many locals are engaged in hunting. The logo with the image of stylized antlers was chosen for the same reason: deer are common prey for the people of Sitka. However, fans of the brand continue to debate what its graphic sign means. Some see it as designs by Native Americans, others – a mane of the Denver Bronco horse or a running person. Nonetheless, representatives of the Sitka brand have always claimed that it represents two antlers. Collecting skulls and antlers is an important part of the hunting culture.

What is Sitka?

Sitka is an American hunting gear brand. It was founded in 2005 by Jason Hairston and Jonathan Hart to take the best from the mountaineering industry and adapt it for hunting enthusiasts. The first batch of products was sold through mail catalogs. Then, the business rapidly grew, and the products appeared on the shelves of major stores. In 2009, amid the economic crisis, financial director Justin Faggioli suggested selling Sitka to W. L. Gore & Associates Inc., the developer of Gore-Tex fabrics.

The emblem contains a pattern of uneven stripes with pointed ends. Their elongated form creates dynamism, and the intertwined structure adds expression. At the same time, the image maintains airiness and lightness, as there are white voids between its fragments. The negative space also forms a geometric ornament in a similar style. The abstract drawing is complemented by the inscription “SITKA” with wide interletter spacing. The uppercase makes it highly noticeable and dominant.

Font and Colors

Sitka Emblem

The brand name is executed in a font with long, pointed serifs. The thickness of the main and additional strokes varies, so the wordmark appears to be mobile, resonating with the shape of the graphic emblem. The lower diagonal of the “K” has a characteristic smooth curve.

Both the inscription and the drawing are colored in black, while white is used as the background and for negative space. The monochrome palette emphasizes the company’s business style and serious approach to the production of hunting gear.