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The Six Eleven logo reflects the multitasking nature of the company, which takes responsibility for a large number of business processes. Its clear structure symbolizes the organization of work, and the symmetrical geometric form conveys balance in communication with clients.

Six Eleven: Brand overview

In 2005, a contact center providing telemarketing services was opened in Davao City, named Six Eleven Global Teleservices. Initially, it had only 20 employees, but over time the number increased to 400. In 2011, a new office appeared in General Santos City. The company offers assistance to businesses in various routine tasks. Its agents handle chat correspondence, respond to phone calls, conduct marketing research, work with documents, and protect confidential information – in short, they do everything to improve the quality of service.

Meaning and History

Six Eleven Logo History

Six Eleven Global Teleservices got its name because its main service is telemarketing, i.e., consultations and direct sales over the phone. The term “Global” implies an aspiration for expansion and a desire to reach a global level. Similar ideas are conveyed in the logo, which used to look different. Designers modernized it to show a new era in the brand’s development and progress, and there was an increase in the number of employees from 20 people (in 2005) to 3000 (in 2021).

What is Six Eleven?

Six Eleven is a Philippine company that provides business process services. It takes on various tasks – from communicating with clients to filling out documents. Its agents handle calls, manage accounting, oversee financial transactions, provide IT support, code personal information, and promote products and brands. All this simplifies the work for other firms, allowing them to focus on core activities and reduce costs.


Six Eleven Old Logo

When the company was lesser-known, it used a logo with its full name. The largest was the blue word “six,” where a huge dot above the “i” represented the planet, and the second largest was the green “eleven.” These were in the top line and consisted of lowercase letters in bold italics. Designers added sparkle by using a gradient with shades of varying brightness. The bottom line was occupied by the red and blue phrase “GLOBAL TELESERVICES.” Despite its small size, it was typed in uppercase glyphs.

To the left was an uneven semicircle with sharp projections. It combined two colors: red and yellow. At its base it hovered three small blue spheres. All geometric shapes cast a gray shadow on the surface, creating a sense of three-dimensionality. The emblem was complemented by an orange motto: “Quality the first time, every time.”


Six Eleven Logo

Having become more well-known, the company started using a logo with its abbreviated name, no longer mentioning its field of activity. Now, it contains the single inscription “six eleven.” These two words, as before, consist of lowercase letters without serifs. There is no wide space between them, and to prevent them from blending, designers separated them using color. Light green “six” and blue “eleven” form a stylish combination.

The same shades are used for an abstract pattern of thin stripes. The pattern, located on the left side of the emblem, is shaped like four blades of a windmill. Straight lines radiating in different directions symbolize the connection between the company’s employees and their clients.

Font and Colors

Six Eleven Emblem

The name of the Philippine firm is written in bold lowercase sans serif font. It is a modern and minimalist design whose main advantage is easy readability and recognizability even in small sizes.

The colors of the logo are also thoughtfully chosen: the combination of green and blue creates an atmosphere of harmony and tranquility. Blue is often associated with professionalism, while green signifies energy and freshness. Together, they create a sense of novelty and positive change.

Six Eleven Symbol