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Vibrant imagery complements vibrant tastes perfectly, which is why the Skittles logo is incredibly colorful. An inscription with standard letters adds balance to the color spots and harmonizes the image of small sweet dragees. Of course, the emphasis is on the candy: it is depicted above the “i,” where it replaces the traditional dot.

Skittles: Brand overview

Founder:Mars Corporation
United States
The Skittles brand adopted the logo immediately at the time of its appearance – in 1974. Now it is one of the most famous brands, whose identity is well known worldwide. And this is not surprising because the American company is engaged in manufacturing multi-colored round candies. They have a sugar-glazed coating that resembles a shell, on which the letter “S” is applied. The sweet is available in several flavor lines: Sour, Smoothie, Sweet Heat, Dessert, Wild Berry, and Tropical. The current brand owner is Wrigley (a subsidiary of Mars, Inc.).

Meaning and History

Skittles Logo History

This confectionery enterprise was originally British: it was in the UK that colored round sweets in a hard shells first appeared. That’s where it got its name. The word “Skittles” is taken from the sports game of the same name. The reason is the similarity of round sweets with the chips that are used in them.

After 1974, these candies began to spread worldwide, and in 1979 they first reached the American market. Their production in North America started in 1982. At the same time, strong marketing support was launched and the slogan “Try the Rainbow” was coined. Its author is the advertising studio D’Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles from New York.

This brand’s visual identity exactly matches its name and product. Therefore, the Skittles logo was bright for a while and included a rainbow fragment. However, there are discreet options – with text design. In total, this product has four emblems.

What is Skittles?

Skittles is an American brand of brightly colored candies in the form of flat dragees. They are distinguished by various flavors and a multi-colored glazed shell with the miniature letter “s.” There are several types of such sweets: Sour, Smoothie, Sweet Heat, Dessert, Wild Berry, and Tropical. The time of the appearance of the trademark is 1974. Its current owner is Mars Corporation, which owns the manufacturer of these sweets (Wrigley Company).

1974 – 1982

Skittles Logo 1974

The earliest logo consisted of the company name. It was in light gray type on a white background. The letters were printed, chopped, even. The “i” was of design interest: instead of the classic dot, it used a round yellow dragee. The candy was large and bright, standing out from the other signs. Typographic emphasis was also placed on the double “tt.” They had one common crossbar in the form of a wide horizontal line, so lowercase glyphs looked like a capital “H.”

1982 – 2003

Skittles Logo 1982

After Skittles became an American company, they changed the logo. It became catchy and joyful and contained a rainbow fragment to match the advertising concept – “Try the Rainbow.” A multi-colored arch served as a background; next to it were depicted chaotic red dots, indicating an explosion of taste.

The brand name took center stage. It was in white letters with a red border. Thanks to her, the glyphs did not look like empty spaces but took the desired shape. They were smooth, grotesque symbols. The dot above the “i” was replaced by a miniature cloud from behind which the narrow end of the rainbow emerged. The inscription was diagonal. Below was another, but smaller. It said: “Taste the Rainbow.” The crossbar at the double “tt” designers have disconnected.

2003 – 2009

Skittles Logo 2003

Since redesigning the Skittles logo, the visual identity has taken on a more restrained look. The brilliance, of course, remained, but it was less dynamic than in the previous emblem. The artists placed the rainbow sideways, adding a blur and gradient to it, bending it into a wide arch that ended at the edge of an imaginary rectangle. This was evidenced by an even cut in the lower part of the arc. The opposite end was made narrower. It started at the top of the “i.”

The developers turned the first inscription at a different angle and replaced the second one: the phrase “Bite Size Candies” appeared under the brand name. Although the grotesque font in the word “Skittles” was retained, dark purple shadows were added to each sign. The edges of the glyphs were outlined in the same color. The bottom inscription became small and red.

2009 – today

Skittles Logo 2009

The modern Skittles logo is less colorful than the previous one, but it is not boring like the debut one either. It harmoniously combines several shades of a bright palette but in such a meager volume that the emblem does not seem catchy. Each letter is outlined in dark red, enhanced by a black shadow: close to the characters, it is saturated, and at a distance, it is blurry, with a gray tint. Moreover, the shadows follow the contours of the glyphs.

The inside of the signs is not uniformly white – it has a bluish backlight located on the left and bottom. This combination creates a feeling of cold, frosty freshness. The dot above the “i” was brought back and made to look like a round candy labeled “s.” Below the red disc is a feathered shadow.

Font and Colors

Skittles Emblem

Although the Skittles trademark changed the logo several times, they still made it word-graphic. In some cases, it was an explicit drawing – multi-colored, bright, and in others – hidden, single. However, it was still present in candy form. The first emblem was painted in yellow, in the current one – in red.

Skittles chose one of the modified versions of the classic Helvetica Black typeface for its visual identity. The letters are geometric, chopped, smooth, with smooth edges, but with a diagonal arrangement and decorated with shadows.

Skittles Symbol

Rainbow colors were not always used in the logo: there is also a discreet palette with gray and black colors. Despite the color, red and white are predominant, which are present in most emblems, except the first.

Skittles color codes

RedHex color:#c51232
RGB:197 18 50
CMYK:0 91 75 23
Pantone:PMS 185 C
Cool MintHex color:#def4fe
RGB:222 244 254
CMYK:13 4 0 0
Pantone:PMS 7467 C
Dark GrayHex color:#aaaaaa
RGB:170 170 170
CMYK:0 0 0 33
Pantone:PMS Cool Gray 6 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C