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Smile More Logo predominantly showcases a typographic style with a touch of graphic flair. Its visual identity rests on the brand’s name presented in a cheerful rounded font style, usually displayed in black against a white backdrop or the reverse. Both words in the logo commence with uppercase letters, followed by lowercase ones. Interestingly, the letters ‘S’ and ‘o’ are connected via a lengthy, slightly curved line that emulates a smile.

This emblem resonates positivity, even for those seeing it for the first time, unfamiliar with Atwood’s persona. It exudes an instant sense of joy, nudging people to smile more, a sentiment that Atwood aims to convey through his videos as well.

Upon closer inspection, the font can be identified as a member of the Cooper Black family. The rounded characters exude a lively style – the ‘O’, for instance, seems to ‘dance’. Despite its thickness and the size of its serifs, the type retains a soft appearance.

Opting for a straightforward black-and-white color scheme imparts versatility to the logo. It grants Atwood the flexibility to integrate the emblem into any color scheme, particularly advantageous when the logo is to be imprinted on colored merchandise.

The Smile More emblem stands as a testament to Atwood’s personal philosophy and his brand’s mission. The simple yet effective design exudes positivity, promoting the idea of embracing happiness and sharing it with others. The unambiguous, inviting symbol can be seen as a call to action, encouraging consumers to “smile more” and create an uplifting atmosphere. It carries a universal appeal, instantly connecting with customers across diverse age groups and backgrounds, reflecting the brand’s broad target audience. In essence, the Smile More logo represents positivity, joy, and a love for life.

Smile More: Brand overview

Founder:Roman Bernard Atwood
United States

Embodying a mission of positivity, Smile More is a merchandise line affiliated with popular vlogger Roman Atwood. The brand’s inception was inspired by Atwood’s own personal philosophy of embracing joy and optimism in everyday life. Through the years, this merchandise brand has woven itself into the fabric of the online culture, using everyday products as a vehicle to disseminate a message of positive living.

The brand has seamlessly integrated with Atwood’s vlogging journey, reflecting the spontaneous, adventurous, and positive spirit that characterizes his content. Each product, while unique in its design, serves as an extension of this philosophy, turning ordinary items into symbols of positivity. From apparel to accessories, the array of merchandise reflects the diverse ways in which positivity can be embraced in daily life.

Born in Millersport, Ohio, in 1983, Atwood nurtured his passion for filming and video production from high school. He embarked on an independent career in 2006, working on diverse projects, including commercials. Yet, his stride into fame began with the launch of his YouTube channel, Sketch Empire, centered on comedy in 2010.

In his personal life, Atwood has been through two marriages. His first was with Shanna Riley from 2001 till their divorce in 2008, and his current with Brittney Smith, his partner since 2008, which they solidified in 2018. In 2013, Atwood introduced the Smile More merchandise.

Meaning and History

Smile More Logo History

The brand identity of Smile More is captured eloquently in its logo: a simple, cheerful smile. This logo, paired with the brand’s name, serves as a constant reminder of the brand’s core message of embracing and spreading joy. The casual and straightforward font used in the logo underscores the brand’s approachable and friendly persona, subtly inviting customers to be a part of this positivity-filled journey.

What is Smile More?

Smile More is a lifestyle and merchandise brand founded by Roman Bernard Atwood, a well-known American YouTube personality, in 2013. The brand espouses a positive philosophy, encouraging people to promote happiness and positivity by “smiling more.” The brand’s product line includes various items such as t-shirts, hoodies, hats, accessories, and other merchandise that all bear the uplifting “Smile More” logo. The brand was initially popularized through Atwood’s vlogs and prank videos on YouTube, and it has since grown into a recognizable symbol of positivity within his community of fans.

From a visual standpoint, Smile More leans towards a bright, vibrant color palette, reflecting the brand’s vivacious spirit. The lively hues that feature prominently in its product designs and promotional material align perfectly with the brand’s purpose of spreading happiness and infusing every moment with positivity.

The communication and interaction with the audience also resonate with the brand’s identity. The brand uses social media platforms to promote its products and inspire, motivate, and spread cheer. Through its products, visual identity, and communication, Smile More continues to live its philosophy, creating a brand that truly stands for positivity and a good mood.

Smile More color codes

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