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Solingen Logo
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Solingen is a German brand that offers manicure sets and accessories for hand and foot care. She is a professional-grade tool manufacturer. Its production site and headquarters are located in Solingen (Germany). This city is popularly called the city of blades because excellent scissors, swords, razors, and knives were made there in the Middle Ages.

Meaning and History

Solingen Symbol

The logo accompanies the products of this company from the very beginning and is stamped on all products. The visual identification text mark occupies almost the entire part of the corporate symbol. It reflects the main brand concept – high professionalism. Since the locality where manicure and pedicure accessories are produced has long received legendary recognition, it is named after him.

There are no graphic elements in the logo – only text. This role is played by the company’s name, in which the tail of the last letter is extended. At the same time, “g” forms a curved stroke, shaped like a manicure tool. The rest of the characters are standard. There is a straight horizontal line above the label.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Solingen Emblem

The typeface with the word “Solingen” written is a classic serif typeface. Disjointed letters with optimal inter-character breakdown. The main feature of the font is the looped “g” with a pointed end. The palette is modest and consists of a combination of black and white.