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Spectrum Logo

Spectrum Logo
Spectrum Logo PNG

Spectrum (full version – Charter Spectrum) is an American provider, formerly a Charter Communications venture. It provides consumers and businesses with a range of wireless and fixed telephony services. Also responsible for the Internet connection and cable TV. The company was officially founded in the summer of 1999 but received its current name in the fall of 2013. The firm’s headquarters are located in Stamford, Connecticut (USA).

Meaning and History

Spectrum Logo History
Evolution of the Spectrum Logo

Although the official date for the emergence of Spectrum is considered the end of the 90s, this project appeared much earlier – in 1995. That year, Time Warner Cable first launched what would become the Road Runner. Then the firm received several other names, moving from one legal form to another. So, she managed to visit Southern Tier On-Line Community, LineRunner, Road Runner High-Speed โ€‹โ€‹Online.

All this time, the service expanded, opened branches, added services, improved, and followed the technical progress. She also changed the corporate style – sometimes radically, leaving it, along with the name, to her department. As a result, in 2016, the company merged with Bright House Networks and Time Warner Cable, becoming what it is now. To avoid confusion, she chose an abbreviated name – Spectrum, using it as the basis for her logo. Due to the recent rebranding, she still has one individual mark.

The current option is the only one, apart from some modifications passed to child services. It contains only the name of the provider, executed in rounded symbols of the grotesque type. The emphasis on the text was made specifically to be remembered by users faster. Secondly, to become an advertisement for our service, and thirdly, to gain wide recognition. The emblem of the telecommunications service perfectly matches all these tasks.

To the right of the inscription is a blue isosceles triangle. It has a double function: it is used as a pointer and denotes a button on the TV remote control to go to the next channel and an icon for starting the video. One of the sides of the geometric figure corresponds to the adjacent leg “m” height. Moreover, the gap between them is the same as between the letters. “S” is capitalized; the rest are in lowercase.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Spectrum Emblem

The developers chose the Harabara Mais typeface for the logo, so the bent, streamlined letters look like pieces of wire. They are smooth, rounded, sans serif. Both halves of the “S” are balanced in size and configuration. “T” has no bottom element; half of the crossbar has been cut off (on the left side). The lowercase “m,” “u,” “r” is visually unified – they look like they are fragments of each other. The letters “c” and “e” are also made as similar as possible: the only difference between them is in the central bar, but otherwise, they are identical. Legs “p” and “t” are cut slightly obliquely.

Spectrum Symbol

The palette of the word “Spectrum” is restrained, metallic gray, which is correct since the company is purely technical. The graphic part is sky blue, so the triangle looks catchy and stands out next to the long company name. The background color is white. According to the generally accepted coding, the logo uses Sonic Silver (# 787878) and Sea Blue (# 00629B) shades.