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The Speedo logo is dynamic and fast. It represents the company’s products as the key to victory. It tells a story of moving forward, innovation, and achievement. The emblem embodies the image of a leader, followed by other manufacturers.

Speedo: Brand overview

Founder:Alexander MacRae
Nottingham, United Kingdom

Speedo is an Australian brand of swimsuits, swim trunks, and swimming accessories. It offers products for competitions and beach relaxation. The company is involved in independent fabric development. It has been owned by the British company Pentland Group since 1991.

Meaning and History

Speedo Logo History

Despite changes to the logo, its overall concept and used elements have remained unchanged since the first emblem. The main message of the identity is speed. With its emblem, the brand demonstrated the impact it has had on the world of sports. The fabrics and designs developed by Speedo allowed swimmers to move faster. Each emblem seems to say, “If you strive for victory, Speedo is the best choice.”

What is Speedo?

Currently an English, but originally an Australian company that manufactures men’s and women’s swimwear. It has to its credit the first bikini, the first men’s open swimwear, and the first nylon swimming leotard. The most famous models are Racerback, S-2000, Aquablade, Fastskin, LZR Racer, and Sculpture Shapeline.

1914 – 2003

Speedo Logo 1914

The emblem consists of the brand name and a unique red underline. Although the company was founded in 1914, the name Speedo appeared in 1928 after a contest among employees to find the best name. Therefore, the first logo using Speedo can be attributed to the late 1920s. The brand was created for swimsuits, the first of which Alexander MacRae introduced a year earlier in 1927. Before that, the company produced socks.

The name is rendered in bright blue capital letters. The choice is associated with the color of the Australian flag, whose team MacRae dressed.

The underline is the same size as the word and occupies an equal place in the image. The symbol resembles:

  • An arrow demonstrating that the company is moving forward and customers using its products will easily reach the finish line first.
  • A boomerang, embodying fast movement back and forth, which is characteristic of swimming competitions when swimmers dash from one end of the pool to the other.
  • A freestyle swimmer lifting their arm out of the water for the next stroke.

In all cases, the red checkmark supports the name, indicating speed, movement, and cutting through waves. The company has always been a leader, ahead of its competitors. It introduced a fundamentally new swimwear for athletes made of silk, then the world’s first nylon swimsuit, and later created its fabric made of Lycra and nylon. Widespread recognition came to the company after the Australian team, dressed in Speedo products, won 8 gold medals. Therefore, speed and leadership are not just an idea for the logo but the true spirit of the company.

The combination of red and blue hints at the British flag since the founder, although he started his business in Australia, was originally from Scotland. And since the symbol of Britain is located in the corner of the Australian flag, the logo is doubly patriotic.

2004 – 2010

Speedo Logo 2004

2010 – today

Speedo Logo

The history of leadership continues into the 21st century. In 2008, the LRZ Racer swimsuit was introduced, which experts called “technical doping” for its minimal resistance and special cut. And in 2010, women’s shaping swimsuits were introduced. This breakthrough led to a change in the logo.

The new emblem has become more elegant and smaller in size. The capital letters have been transformed into lowercase. They are more precise and geometric as if drawn by a laser. The changes demonstrate the company’s narrow specialization and the minimal friction the brand is striving for. They indicate the skill of the designers.

In the new logo, the arrow has moved to the right and seems to pull the name forward toward victory. And this is not just a profitable image. The company has demonstrated the relationship between the properties of swimsuits and medals. The designers have achieved breakthroughs in materials several times, reducing friction and leading to numerous podium finishes at the Olympics. Therefore, Speedo is indeed a company that leads to victory. And the logo accurately demonstrates this.

Font and Colors

The main colors of the emblem are gray and red. The gray name, following the red inscription, is like people swimming behind the Speedo leader. This technique demonstrates the company’s core principle: to inspire people to swim.

  • Gray – symbolizes hard work. The company has never backed down from research and testing, which has allowed it to make a series of breakthroughs in the industry.
  • Red – the color of the leader, the winner, and the shade of speed. Everyone who buys the company’s swimsuits and trunks doubles their opportunities.

The font is similar to Sol Pro Bold Italic. All angles in the letters are smoothed, showing the streamlined nature of the suits. The slight forward slant is a symbol of movement and development.

Speedo color codes

MarengoHex color:#4b5b68
RGB:75 91 104
CMYK:28 12 0 59
Pantone:PMS 7545 C
Pigment RedHex color:#ef2d24
RGB:239 45 36
CMYK:0 81 85 6
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C