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The American manufacturer of knives decided to draw attention to the high quality of the goods and the creative identity. So the Spyderco logo is a sample of abstract design on the verge of psychedelic. This symbol is distinguished by its unusual shapes and deep meaning.

Spyderco: Brand overview

Founder:Sal Glesser
Golden, Colorado, U.S.
Spyderco is a world-famous American knife brand founded in 1978. Company founder and president Sal Glesser. Production facilities in Asia, the USA, and Italy. Income of 10 million dollars.

Meaning and History

Spyderco Symbol

The Glesser family of Colorado started a multi-million dollar empire thanks to one small hole. Having produced the invented machines for jewelers in 1976 and the triangular knife sharpeners in 1978, Sal Glesser concluded that he could also offer innovations in the field of steel blades. And I wasn’t wrong. His first model with a hole in the blade (1981) made the designer popular. Since that moment, Sal and his employees have developed about 180 models of durable and reliable knives for all occasions.

Despite the creativity and ingenuity of the company’s founder, its name and logo have not changed since its inception. The visual identity consists of a stylized spider and the name Spyderco.

What is Spyderco?

The global giant of designer knives designed for hobbies, domestic purposes, and dangerous professions is also a dealer of Randall knives. Headquarters in Golden.

Both logo components appeared before the invention of the first knife when Glesser sold the Tri-Angle Sharpmaker. The product made it possible to sharpen knives quickly, even for an inexperienced user. Therefore, for the company’s name, Sal chose the nickname of the then-popular lightweight two-seater sports car with a folding roof – Spyder (a modified spider). Models were distinguished by high speed and the ability to develop in seconds. So the new device helped to sharpen knives at the right angle very quickly.

The master stylized all the decoration of the sharpener to match the features of sports cars:

  • Compact streamlined box resembled a rectangular car body with rounded sides.
  • The top cover moved like a folding top.
  • In the main platform, there were holes for installing grindstones, as well as in sports cars, a recess for the passenger compartment with chairs.

The ending “so” is short for “company.” Spyderco is a company that offers high-speed sharpening devices that are as fast as racing cars.

And after creating a knife collection, Glesser tries to live up to the name. The company often produces small editions of knives, naming these parties in consonance with races: sprint runs.

The word Spyderko can be read as follows: the prefix Spy (spy, scout), der is an abbreviation of the word “derive,” and co is a company. A company created for intelligence or imitating spies, intelligence officers. By nature, Sal Glesser is an inventor, a real scout. He constantly continues to try new forms and materials, creating something new. He was the first to use powdered steel, serrated sharpening, a clamp, and a hole in steel for the convenience of opening folding knives. All his inventions speed up the process of work and increase productivity. Therefore, the name Spyderco remains relevant today.

The image of the spider arose from the association of the assembled sharpener with this creature. Grinding stones were inserted into the holes of the base, which resembled the creature’s paws, directed in different directions. The base was divided into two parts by a small indentation in the middle, like a spider’s head and abdomen. Each half has four holes. If they were filled, it turned out to be eight legs: additional guides are the legs looking forward and backward, and the main triangular stones are the side legs of the spider.

In addition, the very first development of the master was the Portable Hand kit (1976). It is a fixture of clips and hinges for working with small items in the manufacture of jewelry, watches, etc. When assembled, the apparatus looked very much like a spider.

In Spyderco knives, the similarity with a spider can be traced in the ability to be fixed. It was Glesser who invented the clip for wearing products on clothes.

Font and Colors

Spyderco Emblem

For the emblem, the company uses a classic combination of red and black:

  • The red spider symbolizes speed, an active sharpening process, and very sharp blades. It shows the fire that inspires the master to create new models.
  • Black name – the personification of power, world fame.

Name font ITC Bauhaus Pro Bold. The letters s, y, d, and b, with their smooth curves, are reminiscent of the road turns at the races.

Spyderco color codes

Pigment RedHex color:#ed1c24
RGB:237 28 36
CMYK:0 88 85 7
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C
Raisin BlackHex color:#231f20
RGB:35 31 32
CMYK:0 11 9 86
Pantone:PMS Neutral Black C