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SSC: Brand overview

Founder:Jerod Shelby
Richland, Washington, U.S.
Founded by Jerod Shelby in 1999, the Richland-based SSC (Shelby SuperCars) made its mark in the automotive world by specializing in crafting top-tier sports vehicles known for their high performance. A notable milestone was achieved in 2006 with the debut of the SSC Aero. This car didn’t just make waves; it broke records. The following year, its prowess was acknowledged when it set the Guinness record, hitting speeds up to 256 mph and being crowned the fastest production car.

A few years later, in 2009, SSC showcased its advanced design skills with the Ultimate Aero. Sporting enhanced aerodynamics, this marvel established another record by 2010, reaching a breathtaking speed of 257 mph, reclaiming its title as the world’s fastest production vehicle.

Shifting gears to 2013, SSC unveiled the Tuatara, their third-generation supercar. A fusion of a twin-turbo V8 engine with a lightweight carbon fiber structure promised unprecedented speeds. The anticipation wasn’t in vain. SSC intimated that the Tuatara had grazed the 300 mph threshold during pre-production tests. Finally, in 2020, the Tuatara met and surpassed expectations, registering an astonishing 316.11 mph on a Nevada roadway. This feat solidified the Tuatara’s reputation as the swiftest production car globally.

In 2023, SSC’s commitment remains unchanged. The company retains its essence as a boutique manufacturer, dedicating its expertise to creating singular high-performance vehicles that resonate with enthusiasts and continually redefine speed benchmarks.

Meaning and History

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What is SSC?

Established in 1999, SSC North America (originally called Shelby SuperCars Inc.) has been a game-changer in high-octane sports cars. Spearheaded by proprietor Jerod Shelby (who is not affiliated with famed car designer Carroll Shelby), this American automotive manufacturing firm, based in Richland, Washington, has become a gold standard in the auto sector.

Over the past twenty years, SSC North America has led the charge in auto engineering, carving out a distinguished reputation through its pioneering developments and accomplishments.

SSC color codes

Delft BlueHex color:#1b336e
RGB:27 51 110
CMYK:75 54 0 57
Pantone:PMS 288 C
Fire Engine RedHex color:#c9222a
RGB:201 34 42
CMYK:0 83 79 21
Pantone:PMS 485 C
Middle YellowHex color:#fee513
RGB:254 229 19
CMYK:0 10 93 0
Pantone:PMS 803 C