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Special Weapons And Tactics does not have a single officially approved emblem because each division uses a unique set of symbols that characterize its history, mission, and values. The SWAT logo may vary depending on the region, yet these versions have much in common. They often include elements associated with bravery, strength, and determination, emphasizing team spirit, belonging to law enforcement, and the ability to act in extreme situations.

Swat: Brand overview

United States
The first SWAT groups appeared in the 1960s when the United States experienced increased street riots and bank robberies. In 1964, the Philadelphia police created a special division, which included the best officers who received intensive training to combat armed criminals. Then, a similar team of specially trained volunteers started working in Los Angeles. An inspector of local law enforcement wanted to call it the Special Weapons Attack Team, but he was persuaded that the agency could not attack. Hence, the abbreviation SWAT stands for Special Weapons And Tactics.

Meaning and History

Swat Logo History

There are no uniform rules that all SWAT groups in different U.S. cities would follow. Each formation decides what weapons to use and what logo to adorn its uniform. Nonetheless, their systems of visual identification have much in common. Since these police divisions have special training and perform complex tasks, their emblems typically symbolize the following values:

  • team spirit;
  • patriotism;
  • safety;
  • power and strength.

SWAT logos often feature the image of an eagle, embodying the ideal qualities of a special forces soldier, such as honor and bravery. Moreover, this bird is a national symbol of the U.S. and is used in many coats of arms and flags.

A verbal sign with the white inscription “S.W.A.T” on a black rectangle background is outlined by a broad light stripe. The distance between the letters is uneven. The bold, vertically elongated font is roughly similar to the Royal Rumble Regular from The Sports Fonts but differs in the absence of thin dividing lines. The inscription style is close to the military, characterized by uppercase glyphs, conciseness, and minimum details.

What is SWAT?

SWAT is an elite police special unit that performs the most complex tasks, including the arrest of dangerous criminals, the neutralization of explosive devices, the prevention of terrorist acts, and the rescue of hostages. These are well-trained teams with the best equipment and modern weapons. The first such assault group appeared in Philadelphia and other U.S. cities. Different divisions do not have a common concept – they are united only by the special nature of their duties.

1964 – today

Swat Logo

The presented logo belongs to D Platoon (SWAT), a special operations unit from Los Angeles. Its central figure is the bald eagle – the principal symbol of the United States. The soaring bird of prey carries a yellow lightning bolt in its talons, which signifies strength and speed. Below is a gray ribbon with the inscription “41 SWAT 54”. This is enclosed in a ring of text “LOS ANGELES POLICE DEPARTMENT SPECIAL WEAPONS AND TACTICS” and placed within a large black circle.

The numbers “4154” have their backstory. According to the LAPPL, this is the badge number of Special Forces Officer Steve Gomez, who retired in 2010. He was the only one allowed to receive a replica of his badge as a token of gratitude for his service, as Gomez participated in the most high-profile cases. The “4154” on the SWAT emblem reminds us of two significant incidents that allowed the unit to display courage and selflessness.

Font and Colors

Swat Emblem

Each Special Weapons And Tactics group has its system of symbols, so it is impossible to single out a specific font that all units would use. But there are general trends. Preference is given to uppercase letters and a stern sans-serif typeface because the design of the inscription should match the serious nature of SWAT’s activities.

Swat Symbol

The same applies to the color scheme: a universal combination of black and white is prioritized. Nevertheless, D Platoon from Los Angeles additionally decorated its logo with gray and yellow elements.