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Simplicity and professionalism are read in the Syoss logo. The emblem promises direct and precise action. After all, there are nothing superfluous in the composition, only useful patented ingredients. Using the product is easy and simple. Now decent hair care is available to everyone.

Syoss: Brand overview

Syoss is one of the cosmetic lines launched about ten years ago by Schwarzkopf, part of Henkel. The trademark sells hair and scalp care products. It owns one of the largest assortments of professional paints for home use with salon results.

Meaning and History

Syoss Symbol

The appearance of an individual logo accompanied the release of the Syoss series. She had to demonstrate the high status of beauty products and show impeccable taste. To do this, the developers settled on a minimalistic version, where there is nothing superfluous – only basic information about the trademark. Since this is a young brand, it has only one logo.

The visual identification mark consists of several inscriptions. The largest is “Syoss.” It is located at the top of the logo. Below the horizontal gray line is the phrase “Professional performance,” ungrouped into two tiers. The zest is introduced by the letter “y” with a truncated leg.

What is Syoss?

Syoss is a German hair and scalp care product line and a wide range of hair colors. It offers professional-grade products designed for all hair types. Its founder and owner is the company, Henkel.

Font and Colors

Syoss Emblem

There are two types of typefaces in the emblem, but they both belong to the Sans Serif category – simple, smooth, chopped. The color of the logo is monochrome and consists of black (lettering) with white (background).

Syoss color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C