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“Both the Papuans in the outlying islands and the Europeans are familiar with the online service,” the Taobao logo claims. Here the paths of people from different countries intersect, and there is lively communication and trade. The emblem conveys the spirit of a gigantic market, seething like a beehive.

Taobao: Brand overview

Founded:May 2003
Founder:Alibaba Group
Hangzhou, China
Taobao is an Asian marketplace owned by the Alibaba Group. This holding company is one of the world leaders in online commerce. Consequently, Taobao was created as the largest Internet resource for retail trade. Officially, the site was launched in 2003, and as of 2022, it has several tens of thousands of online stores. The peculiarity of the presented company is its functionality, which allows projects selling various goods and services to function in one place. Demand for the resource continues to grow, as evidenced by the constant increase in the number of partners. According to statistics, the Taobao website is the eighth in the world in total traffic. The presented trading platform may be compared with Aliexpress but working directly for the Chinese market.

Meaning and History

Taobao Logo History

The company has been functioning in the online segment of the market for less than 20 years. Therefore, it is not surprising that the project’s management has not changed the original logo during this period. Brand recognition among the target audience, namely the Chinese users, is at a high level, and therefore there is no need for major updates.

The Taobao platform logo is made in a simple and memorable style. The basis is the name of the project, written in capital Latin letters. Moreover, in addition to the name directly, the .com domain zone is also added, indicating that this company operates in a global network, not an offline format. Also included is a wordmark depicted in Chinese. This element allows identifying the geography of Taobao’s distribution. There are no additional elements, including images or copyright signs on the logo. All symbols are in bold typeface.

What is Taobao?

Many people associate this site with the opportunity to buy and sell goods both in retail and in bulk. The resource stands out against its competitors due to its intuitive interface. Taobao has also had more than a billion transactions since the platform’s launch. Any user can get up-to-date information about a seller and a product, thanks to a convenient system of publication of reviews.

Taobao Symbol

The color palette is bright. Orange letters on a white background allow the potential customer to feel the friendliness of the resource. All the constituent logos, in sum, allow any user to determine that this is the place to search for goods in thousands of online stores.

The company logo shows three Chinese characters. However, the first character is used as an icon for applications and other tools to interact with the target audience. When Taobao uses only this symbol as an emblem, it is depicted by bold white lines on an orange background. In general, the use of this character is completely identical to the main logo.

Font and Colors

Taobao Emblem

The Chinese inscriptions in bold letters with somewhat rounded corners are the key highlight of the Taobao logo. In this way, the company shows the scale of its activities. Even though the main inscriptions made in Latin and Chinese characters look elegant, at the same time, they indicate the strength and prospects of the company.

The color palette of the Taobao logo consists of white and orange. All symbols made with a light orange hue are placed on a white background. In general, this choice seems to be the best option for a trading site trying to evoke positive emotions in its target audience. After all, most Chinese associate orange with happiness and white with loyalty.

Taobao color codes

Orange RedHex color:#ff4200
RGB:255 66 0
CMYK:0 74 100 0
Pantone:PMS Orange 021 C