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TAP Portugal: Brand overview

Founded:14 March 1945
Lisbon, Portugal
Based in Lisbon, TAP Portugal is the national airline of Portugal. The airline boasts a history dating back to 1945, and it commenced operations two years later, in 1947, making it one of the oldest active airlines in Europe.

Utilizing a hub-and-spoke model, TAP Portugal provides connectivity from Lisbon to over 90 locations across various continents, including Europe, Africa, North and South America. The airline primarily operates from Humberto Delgado Airport in Lisbon but also leverages secondary hubs such as Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport in Porto and Funchal Airport in Madeira.

The airline operates a mix of Airbus and Embraer aircraft, with models ranging from the A320, A330, and A340 to the E190, catering to various travel demands. TAP Portugal’s alliance with Star Alliance further expands its global reach, allowing it to work closely with fellow alliance members like United, Lufthansa, and Air Canada.

Regarding service categories, TAP Portugal provides three options to its customers:

  • An executive business class
  • TAP Premium
  • A premium economy class
  • A discount economy class

This diversity in service classes aims to cater to a broad spectrum of passenger preferences and budgets.
Ownership of TAP Portugal is split evenly, with 50% held by the Portuguese government and the remaining 50% owned by the TAP consortium, which includes Azul Brazilian Airlines. In recent years, the airline has grappled with financial hurdles and has undergone significant privatization to increase its competitiveness in the global aviation market.

Meaning and History

TAP Portugal Logo History

1945 – 1947

Transportes Aereos Portugueses Logo 1945

1947 – 1953

Transportes Aereos Portugueses Logo 1947

1953 – 1979

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1979 – 2005

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2005 – 2017

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2017 – today

TAP Portugal Logo

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