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Tears of the Kingdom logo is legendary and exalted. The emblem reflects royal regalia, ancient artifacts, glory, and adventure. The symbol connects the past and present, enabling participants to unravel the mysteries of the past and perform brave feats.

Tears of the Kingdom: Brand overview

Since its debut in 1986, The Legend of Zelda has emerged as a pivotal element of Nintendo’s gaming heritage, enchanting players with the mystical world of Hyrule and its iconic characters, Link and Princess Zelda. Over the decades, the series has captivated its audience with a rich blend of mythological storytelling and gameplay innovation, reaching a zenith with the release of Breath of the Wild in 2017. This installment was celebrated for revolutionizing the Zelda formula by embracing an open-world adventure, diverging from the franchise’s traditional, more linear paths, and garnering numerous Game of the Year awards.

The saga took an intriguing turn in 2019 when Nintendo revealed its plans for a sequel to Breath of the Wild, indicating a continuation in the series that has seldom been seen before. With Eiji Aonuma producing and Hidemaro Fujibayashi directing, this highly anticipated project took shape in Nintendo’s studios, stirring excitement and speculation among the fanbase.

In 2022, it brought the unveiling of the sequel’s title, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, along with trailers that teased a new chapter of exploration in the skies above Hyrule and its mysterious floating islands. This revelation pointed to a worldwide release on May 12, 2023, for the Nintendo Switch, sparking eagerness among fans for what is set to be the franchise’s first direct sequel in its storied saga.

Nintendo has maintained an air of mystery around the finer details of Tears of the Kingdom, but the excitement among the Zelda community is undeniable. This forthcoming chapter is poised to build upon the innovative gameplay that Breath of the Wild introduced while bringing new mechanics and narratives to the esteemed action-adventure series. This strategy reflects Nintendo’s dedication to evolving the Zelda series, ensuring it remains a beloved and integral part of the gaming world for years to come.

Meaning and History

Tears of the Kingdom Logo History

The Tears of the Kingdom emblem was likely created in 2019 when the future game was first presented at the E3 2019 Electronic Entertainment Expo. Since the game is a sequel to an already-released story, the logo of the new series is closely related to the previous one.

What is Tears of the Kingdom?

An adventure game developed by Nintendo, it’s a continuation of the popular series The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Introduced in 2019 and released in 2023, the game’s development director is Hidemaro Fujibayashi. It received the highest ratings on all aggregators. In the first three days after release, 10 million copies were sold. In half a year, more than 20 million copies were purchased.

2019 – today

Tears of the Kingdom Logo

The first part of the game, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, released in 2017, was popular. When ideas for additions exceeded the permissible size for DLC, it was decided to develop the story in the next part. Therefore, Tears of the Kingdom shares the same universe, characters, and many aspects of the game world as the first part. It’s no surprise that the emblem largely repeats the previous one.

The inscription The Legend of Zelda is on two levels, where the heroine’s name is highlighted as central, fully consistent with Breath of the Wild. The wear and cracks on the inscription speak of journeys and work with various artifacts.

The original title, Tears of the Kingdom, is placed at the bottom. In style, the phrase is reminiscent of the first game, where the letters “of the” are reduced and placed on two levels compared to the rest of the inscription. This choice points to the horizontal and vertical structure of the world. Besides the Earth, there is a heavenly level with floating islands and, underground, extensive areas for resource extraction.

Tears of the Kingdom Symbol

On the main letter Z, there are holes with compass arrows. The game world is open for exploration. The player receives minimal instructions and can head in any direction, exploring everything around. The compass idea reinforces the theme of journeys, which is fundamental to gameplay. Events start with the main characters, Link and Zelda, exploring a cave. As a result of the actions of a unique artifact, the release of the dangerous Demon King, and the disappearance of Zelda, Link has to embark on many journeys across the country before he can unravel the mystery and find his companion.

A vertically positioned sword passes through the glyphs of the letter Z. This is the main character’s personal weapon – The Master Sword. This magical blade can seal and reflect evil. With this weapon, Link fights all the antagonists of the game.

The sword symbol is not accidental. The plot is based on the theme of legends, ancient kingdoms, and battles against evil, which in the first part of the game is called Calamity Ganon, and in the second, it is called Demon King. The civilization of Hyrule, once created by the Sheikah, is also protected by ancient weapons. Thus, the theme of battle permeates the game, just like the sword through the letter in the logo.

Interestingly, the upper part of the sword looks real, while the lower part is transformed into a gaming matrix, indicating a digital, fictional world.

In the background of the logo, there’s a green circle with many convex patterns. The figure is formed by two dragons eating each other. They are intertwined in a dance, embodying the eternal cycle of birth and death.

Font and Colors

Tears of the Kingdom Emblem

Light yellow and green are the main colors of the emblem. The former reminds one of ivory, indicating ancient artifacts and the constant interweaving of past and present. Emerald is the primary color of the game world. The shade embodies greenery, expansiveness, precious stones, and the green light of the hand given to Link in the second part of the game.

The font of the inscription is unique due to the combination of sharp serifs, which form a single whole from individual letters and words. The development of the game, like a road, forms as the character moves. Future events depend directly on past choices.