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The signal flying into space is the main message of the Telstra logo. The emblem is a prototype of data transfer, communication, and search for your subscriber. The company shows that it is able to connect with customers over the longest distances.

Telstra: Brand overview

Founded:1 July 1975
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Telstra’s predecessor, known as Telecom Australia, was once responsible for an entire continent’s telecommunications services. This responsibility passed to him in 1975 after the abolition of the Postmaster-General’s Department. A few years later, due to a large-scale restructuring, the Telecom brand became owned by the Australian and Overseas Telecommunications Corporation. And only later, in 1993, Telstra Corporation appeared based on AOTC.

Meaning and History

Telstra Logo History

The company has updated its corporate identity many times, but the transformations have always been careful, in some ways even conservative. The designers were not faced with the task of re-acquainting people with the Telstra brand. They only needed to emphasize its characteristic features – something that everyone already knew well. Therefore, logos from different years have a lot in common – particularly the element in the form of a “falling” letter “T.”

What is Telstra?

Its full name is Telstra Corporation Limited. Australia’s largest telecommunications company is active in landline telephony, mobile communications, internet services, and cable TV. It was founded in 1975.

1975 – 1986

Telecom Australia Logo 1975-1986

Until 1975, only one organization, the Postmaster-General’s Department, was in charge of the domestic telegraph, telephone, and postal services. Then it broke up, and all telecommunication services were transferred to the disposal of Telecom Australia. Designer Pieter Huveneers created an original logo for the company, using a stylized antenna instead of the letter “T.”

The symbol, consisting of two mirrored “clubs,” was placed in an orange circle. On the right was a two-line “Telecom Australia” lettering in black. A light gray rectangle served as a background.

1986 – 1993

Telecom Australia Logo 1986-1993

In 1986, Telecom obtained a monopoly on the domestic wireless market. In the same year, a small redesign was carried out, after which the background quadrangle disappeared, the circle turned dark orange, and the inscription took only one line.

1993 – 1995

Telecom Australia Logo 1993-1995

In the early 1990s, the brand became part of the newly formed Australian and Overseas Telecommunications Corporation. At the same time, Telstra Corporation Limited was launched based on the parent company. Despite the name change, the logo used its old version – Telecom Australia.

Developers from FHA Image Design styled the first “T” unusually. They made the vertical stroke invisible, leaving only the horizontal line. Below the letter was an orange oval, which in previous versions was circular. The second word was written at the bottom and in capital letters.

1995 – 1999

Telstra Corporation Logo 1995-1999

The logo’s overall concept was retained to facilitate the transition from Telecom Australia to Telstra Corporation Limited. Only the inscription has changed: after the stylized letter “T,” “elstra” appeared. The oval has taken on a light orange hue.

1999 – 2006

Telstra Corporation Logo 1999-2006

The telecommunications company has greeted the 21st century with a new logo. The designers placed the text in a blue square and made the letters white. This transformation gives the capital “T” a vertical line that was previously invisible.

2006 – 2011

Telstra Corporation Logo 2006-2011

After the redesign, the square disappeared, but the “T” remained. At the same time, all the letters turned blue, as on the 1995-1999 logo.

2011 – today

Telstra Logo 2011-present

The Australian telecom operator hired employees from Interbrand to do a small rebranding. Its goal was to unite all communications under one common symbol. Without thinking twice, the designers removed the main part of the inscription and left only the letter “T” – in the form in which it existed since 1993. Also, they repainted the oval in blue and offered six color versions of visual identification. This required 60 specialists, several months of working time, and 6 million dollars.

Telstra: Interesting Facts

Telstra is Australia’s biggest company for phone and internet services. It started in 1901, first handling mail, telegraphs, and phones, and has grown a lot since then.

  1. Beginnings: It began as the Postmaster-General’s Department, became Telecom Australia in 1975, and was renamed Telstra in 1993.
  2. Becoming Private: In 1997, the government started selling parts of Telstra to make money and increase competition in the industry.
  3. Wide Reach: Telstra’s mobile network is huge. It covers most of Australia and serves 99.4% of people.
  4. Global Work: Telstra isn’t just in Australia. It has a big role in Asia-Pacific and owns a vast network of undersea cables.
  5. Tech Forward: Telstra is always looking for new tech to use. It was one of the first to offer 5G, showing its keen interest in the future of tech.
  6. Smart Homes: Telstra is getting into smart home tech, letting people control their home devices, showing how it’s keeping up with tech trends.
  7. Sports and Culture: Telstra sponsors many sports teams and events, including the popular Australian National Rugby League.
  8. Customers: It has many customers, offering services to individuals, businesses, and government agencies.
  9. Innovation: Telstra spends a lot on creating new tech to stay ahead in telecommunications.

Overall, Telstra plays a big role in keeping Australia connected and always looks for new ways to use technology.

Font and Colors

Telstra Emblem

Telstra’s current emblem dates back to the early 1990s. – it was then that the stylized “T” became like the current one. But do not forget about the older versions, where this letter symbolized the antenna. Now everyone sees what they want in T because the changes were supposed to help the company establish a close relationship with customers.

The font for the old “Telstra” lettering was invented by the design studio The Partners. Then the word was reduced to one letter, the outline of which became softer. The developers have cut and rounded the corners, keeping a slight tilt to the right.

Telstra Symbol

For the experiment, the telecommunications company uses six color combinations, but not simultaneously but in turn. The official emblem can be green, dark pink, purple, blue, orange, or blue-green. This is designed to make the brand full of color and meaning to consumers.

Telstra color codes

Resolution BlueHex color:#001e82
RGB:0 30 130
CMYK:100 77 0 49
Pantone:PMS 2746 C
Celestial BlueHex color:#0099f8
RGB:0 153 248
CMYK:100 38 0 3
Pantone:PMS 279 C

What is the Telstra logo?

The Telstra logo is a symbolic combination of two antennas – the old and the new type. The first is transmitted in the letter T, which closely resembles an antenna on a pole. The second is a dish antenna for receiving a satellite signal.

Who designed the Telstra logo?

Pieter Huveneers designed the logo. He created it in 1995 as part of a rebranding when Telecom Australia was renamed Telstra Corporation.

What products do Telstra offer?

Telstra provides fixed and mobile telephony services and is Australia’s largest operator. It also covers the market for other media communications: Internet, Pay TV, network services.

What is Telstra slogan?

Telstra’s new corporate identity was launched in 1995 with the slogan “It’s how we connect.” In 2016, she introduced the motto “Thrive on!”