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Tesla Logo

Tesla Logo
Tesla Logo PNG

Elon Musk has invested millions of dollars in Tesla, and thanks to this, he made a real revolution in the automotive industry. He first invested in a startup with two engineers – Marc Tarpenning and Martin Forest Eberhard. Then the businessman took a leadership position and began to manage production to develop a vehicle that would not require fossil fuels. This is how the first electric Tesla Roadster appeared, released in 2006.

Meaning and History

Tesla Logo History
Evolution of the Tesla Logo

The Tesla Motors brand was created in 2003 and named after the famous physicist and inventor Nikola Tesla. A few years later, Elon Musk removed the word “Motors” from the name, as the product range expanded with solar tiles, photovoltaic modules, and batteries. Now it is one of the most advanced companies that deal with the production of clean energy.

The rapid development did not affect the company’s image in any way: Tesla is still using the emblem adopted in 2003. During this time, Musk managed to buy a new domain for $ 11 million, expand the range of electric vehicles, and deploy the Supercharger network. But none of these events was a compelling reason for the company to abandon its iconic “T” symbol. It was designed by RO Studio, which created the logo for Space Exploration Technologies Corporation.

As Elon Musk admitted, this company introduced him to Franz von Holzhausen, the man who quit Mazda and took over as chief auto designer at Tesla. He perfected the appearance of all-electric cars and influenced the development of the logo for the revolutionary startup.

The first version contained not only a T-shaped element but also a triangular heraldic shield. The stylized T was in the center, right below the brand name. A white shield served as a background, which gave the image a closed shape. In the final version, it is no longer there, and the word mark is located below. Since then, the design has never changed.

Font and Color of the Emblem

Tesla Emblem

Tesla fans have speculated about what its logo might mean. Some of the ideas were absurd. For example, one Twitter user asked Elon Musk if the “T” was a cat’s nose and received an affirmative answer. It was an April Fool’s joke, but many believed it.

To dispel all doubts, the inventor published a post in which he explained the shape of the logo. As it turns out, it has nothing to do with cats or noses – you need to look for a source of inspiration in Tesla products. The stylized “T” looks exactly like the cross-section of an electric motor invented by the company’s namesake, the greatest scientist Nikola Tesla. Of course, modern experts have long changed the appearance of an induction motor, but its operation’s principle remains the same.

The vertical strip represents one of the windings from the rotor, and the two horizontal arcs represent the stator. Thus, “T” means a lot more than just a letter. It is the epitome of Tesla’s signature concept and a tribute to the ingenious electrical engineer.

Considering that the fancy letter “T” was created in the image and likeness of an electric motor’s elements, there is no question of the typeface. Designers from RO Studio have made it look like a part of the stator and rotor to match the electric car manufacturer’s logo. The futuristic symbol fits perfectly into the design of cars. The company’s name is written in unusual characters, which consist of straight lines with cut ends.

Both logo fragments are painted in a corporate color called Tesla Red. In the Hex table, it can be found under code # cc0000. It is a dark but bright enough shade, created especially for the manufacturer of innovative vehicles.