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The austere and minimalistic style of “The Office Logo” indicates the working relationships that the TV series highlights. The emblem symbolizes the lightness of the plot, ordinary everyday life with its ups and downs.

The Office: Brand overview

Founded:March 24, 2005 – May 16, 2013
Founder:Greg Daniels
United States

The American television series The Office is divided into nine seasons aired on the National Broadcasting Company between 2005 and 2013. They contain 201 episodes; the total number of episodes is much more than in the original British show The Office, aired on BBC Two. The main genres are satire, pseudo-documentary, and comedy. The series’s raised topic is colleagues’ lives in a closed team, their problems, complexes, conflicts, friendship, and working days.

The comedy is filmed as reportage from the office of the fictional company Dunder Mifflin, which sells stationery and paper products. Despite the finished script, the series resembles a reality show because the actors are allowed to improvise. Moreover, they did not know where the camera was and at what angle they were being filmed at the moment. Thanks to a creative approach, many actions are unpredictable, and emotions are absolutely real.

If the storyline developed only in the confined space of the office in the first episodes, then later, the heroes gradually went beyond the four walls. The audience got to know their families, household chores, and personal life. But the shooting style has not changed: each episode looks like an excerpt from a documentary film.

The American version of The Office is a successful adaptation of the British 14-episode show. She has received over 20 awards for her creative storytelling, excellent directing, outstanding acting, and other critically acclaimed achievements. Over time, the popular comedy turned into a media franchise: a computer game was created based on it.

Meaning and History

The Office Logo History

The Office copies the format of the British TV series of the same name and the logo – a short black inscription on a white background. Originally, the title used a standard black sans serif font. The developers preferred a completely different design for the American version: letters with “defects” and rounding at the ends as if the word had been typed on a typewriter. At the same time, the color remained black, although there is an alternative option – a red inscription located at an angle and divided into two lines.

The comedy show’s logo is very laconic. The designers did not add graphic elements to it – they limited themselves to a simple black title on a white background. This has its symbolism: a wordmark looks like a piece of text in a document, which is why it is associated with work in the office.

All letters are lowercase, which indicates some incompleteness. One gets the impression that the inscription has a beginning and an end somewhere, and it has been taken out of context. This effect is enhanced by the stylization: the characters look like prints because of their characteristic shape. The red version is more advertising and looks like a stamp.

The Office: Interesting Facts

“The Office” is a popular American TV show aired on NBC from 2005 to 2013. It’s based on a British series but became famous in its own right, attracting a big fan base over nine seasons.

  1. Unique Identity: Originally based on the UK version, the US “The Office” quickly developed its style. It focused on all the office workers, not just the boss and his assistant.
  2. Casting What-Ifs: Famous actors like Seth Rogen and Adam Scott auditioned for roles, but Rainn Wilson and John Krasinski got the parts of Dwight and Jim.
  3. Steve Carell Leaving: Steve Carell, who played Michael Scott, left after Season 7, changing the show’s direction and character development.
  4. Real-life Scranton: The show, set in Scranton, Pennsylvania, used real businesses and logos from the area, even though it was filmed in California.
  5. Iconic Theme Song: Jay Ferguson composed the memorable theme song performed by The Scrantones.
  6. Making Stars: The show was a big break for actors like John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer, turning them into well-known names.
  7. Improvisation: The cast sometimes improvised, creating unforgettable moments and quotes.
  8. No Laugh Track: Unlike many sitcoms, “The Office” didn’t use a laugh track, highlighting its unique mockumentary style.
  9. “Threat Level Midnight”: A standout episode is Michael Scott’s homemade movie, “Threat Level Midnight,” involving many characters and years to make.
  10. Awards and Influence: The show won numerous awards, including an Emmy in 2006, and inspired many workplace comedies.

“The Office” is loved for its mix of humor, heartfelt moments, and the everyday office life it portrays. It continues to be a cultural icon through reruns, streaming, and its fans.

Font and Colors

The Office Emblem

The font used for The Office logo has many counterparts. There are both paid options (Typewriter FS Regular from FontSite Inc. or Typewriter Serial Regular from SoftMaker) and free ones (Linowrite Regular from LennardGlitter, Typewriter Regular from Roger White). They are united by the same letter design: they seem to be written with a typewriter. Characteristic features of the style include disproportion, unevenness, rounding at the ends, and long serifs at the top “h” and “i.”

The Office Symbol

The title of the sitcom TV show is colored black, and the background is completely white. This combination gives the impression that the inscription was taken from office documents. A minimalistic palette links the logo and the TV show to which it belongs. A similar trick was used in the British version of The Office. There is also a bright red emblem designed to attract attention.

the office tv show logo

the office tv show logo

the office logo

the office logo

The Office color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C